Friday, June 7, 2013

Our May/June

I love to blog about my kids, but it definitely takes a lot of commitment to stay on top of it. I have a couple minutes right now, so I thought I would do an update on our little family.

So I mentioned previously that Cooper has started to talk. I have to say that the past week it has been amazing to hear his little vocabulary. He babbles a lot, but his most used words are certainly Daddy and Kitty. One word that I can hardly handle little Cooper saying is baby. Cooper loves babies, and anytime he sees one he chants baby. I guess my struggle with him saying this, is that he is my baby. I am so obsessed with this little guy and I don't want him to grow. I want to press pause. Cooper is so happy. He has just been a total pig lately and eats all day long. Today he even brought me the goldfish baggie and grunted out fishy. He always has a smile on his face and pretty much the only time he makes a peep when we are out and about is when his Dora ends in the car.  Everything he does just seems so cute. He loves to dance and even started singing along with the backpack song on Dora. This past week Cooper has NOT enjoyed going to bed. He cries and cries. I will sit next to his crib and pet his head and tell him I love him, and he will shuffle his little body over to the gaps between the bars and give me kisses. Cooper loves to look at books and recently has become obsessed with cars, especially dinky cars. It is so neat to have a kid who plays with toys. Hudson never has been interested in playing.

On to my Hudson. Sometimes I just feel bad for this kid. He insists on learning things the hard way. Always. Hudson has a difficult time obeying and it can be pretty hard on the whole family. Hudson is the funnest kid you will ever meet, but he can get out of hand pretty quick . Hudson is an incredibly bright little boy and he remembers EVERYTHING he ever hears and is able to use any word he hears immediately in correct context. Today while in time out Hudson told Shane that he was piss. When Shane asked him where he learned that word he said "the Piss store"- I was so grateful he didn't say Mommy. This was epic for me because it was the first time ever he did not use the word in the correct context.  Hudson is really into telling me he wants a new family and that I don't love him when he is upset. This worries me so much because I remember feeling those ways when I was a kid, and they are difficult feelings to overcome. I always felt like my parents didn't like me. I try so hard to be careful with my little guy, and I hope SO MUCH that Hudson will know of my indescribable love for him.
A couple days ago we decided to go on a family scooter/bike/skateboard ride. After a few minutes, Hudson decided he was done and was too tired to come home. He is such a stubborn little guy. We tried everything we could think of to get him up off the sidewalk and keep going. He refused. He screamed for 10 minutes. Finally I had to carry him home screaming, holding the scooter, while Shane rode the bike and carried his longboard on the bike. It is at moments like this that I worry most about my boy. I so badly want him to have a great life, but some of his personality traits are going to make it more difficult for sure.
Today after an especially hellish morning, I decided the kids needed an outing. I took them to Target, and Hudson refused to ride in the cart. Immediately he ran into the  and ran into a dollar store. I finally found him and he decided he wanted sunglasses, so that he did not have to "borrow Valentina's" anymore. As a bribe for some better behavior(which I did not get) I bought the sunglasses and something else that Hudson had wanted for a LONG time. I bought him a whoopie cushion. I seriously can not believe how much Hudson AND Cooper howled every time they squeezed the air out of it. |Boys are sure a breed of their own!!!Hudson is soooooo much work and I am pretty sure I am not doing a very good job, but I sure love to hear him laugh and have fun!!!

Shane and I are both also keeping suuuper busy. Shane started his own consulting business called Heath Therapies, and was recently hired on with WBC. I have still been bouncing back and forth from the Cross and the U working full time for the most part. In addition to that my little etsy shop has gotten so busy. I love doing the shop, but it does take a tonne of my free time. Today I hit 200 sales, and I think I have had 25 just this week. Many things are up in the air for us, but we are just taking everything one day at a time. We are hoping to move in the next little bit, but I am really really unsure of where we should live next. I can't decide what ward, what subdivision, whether to build or buy ect. ect. We also are really unsure if we want to expand our family. We feel so old, and Hudson is so much work. Three kids would out number us, and more than anything I HATE BEING PREGNANT. For many many reasons, things are really in limbo for the Heath's(which I don't do well with;)
So that is us for now.Even with all of the stress and annoyance in my life, I have to say moments like Hudson and Cooper having laugh attacks in the car when I drive on the rumple strips keep me thankful and full of joy!