Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Ouch !!!

The past couple weeks has been quite different for me. Typically I go go go all day and never have time to just sit around. Honestly, I quite like staying busy.

Last weekend we had a nice weekend watching conference. As usual the talks were uplifting and inspiring. Sunday evening, I decided, that is it! We need to be better at family scripture study. We piled into Hudson's room and I read some scriptures. Right as everyone was coming into the room I felt a sharp intense pain on my right side. I thought maybe it was a cramp, so I kind of stretched it, which did NOT help at all. I thought maybe a bath would help, and it felt good, but when I got out, I almost passed out as the pain was so intense. I got dressed and was in so much pain I started crawling. Shane started panicking saying it was my appendix(I had a hunch it was too) and called a friend to take me to energ.

We went and waited until after one in the morning , over four hours, and I was SO uncomfortable, I decided to go home and see how I felt in the morning.
In the morning, I figured I would just go to the walk in clinic. I thought they would be faster. I was again very very uncomfortable, and after 2 and a half hours I saw the doctor, who....sent me over to emerg again. As I arrived I honestly just wanted to cry. There was standing room only. I only had 40 percent on my battery and I was very uncomfortable. I knew it was going to be a long day. After about 5 hours I got called back and waited, waited waited, got some blood work, waited waited, got an ultrasound, then finally just after midnight I had an appendectomy. I swear my butt hurt worse than anything from sitting in the uncomfortable chairs.

I had a bit of a creepy experience. I totally woke up during the surgery. I could feel them cutting and tried to talk, but I had a tube in my throat. Then I went to wave my hand, and realized I was strapped down-ahhh. I started banging my hand on the table, and I heard the nurse say, "oh, she is banging her hand". I was panicking, cause I wanted them to know why I was banging it. Eventually she saw my eye open and then I only remember her calling the anesthetist over and going back out. It was pretty creepy.

The surgery was laparoscopic, so I was not expecting much pain, but holy! I was hurting bad for the first two days. Shane was pretty much the most AMAZING nurse ever and took really good care of me, and balanced out kids as well. He really is the best. I sure love him! I started feeling much better each day after the third day. The abdominal discomfort was exchanged for a whole different discomfort. I had an allergic reaction to one of the drugs I was given and broke out in the worst, itchiest hives head to toe. I was insane. I thought I was going to skin myself alive. After a few more hours of waiting at doctors offices, I was able to get some prednisone and that helped with the hives.
As soon as people from our ward found out I was sick, they really stepped up. I have been really blessed with amazing visiting teachers here in Beaumont(Lindsey Hill and Jenn Bevans) who brought delicious meals and really really helped us out. Cassie Doyle took Fletcher Thursday and Friday, which was literally a life saver, because, I was not quite moving fast enough to keep up with him. Cassie also brought us a dinner as well. I can't even begin to express what these acts of service meant to me and my family. Cherie came and watched the boys Tuesday so Shane could come and pick me up from the hospital, which again, we are so thankful for. Sadly er do not have the luxury of having parents around (or willing) to come and help in these situations, so I am really really thankful for these ladies!!!!

So that whole week, I ended up watching a lot of HGTV and wishing for my good health and mobility back.

From January until the end of March we were very very blessed to have Cody staying with us. Just writing about it chokes me up as I loved having him around and so did my kids and Shane. We love him very much and loved hearing all of his mission stories as well ans the YSA shenanigans. He is a wonderful person and I am so so proud to be his Aunt. Little Fletcher probably misses him the most. He would call him Pokey, and would halt whatever he was doing if he heard the door open and Pokey was home. They truly became buds.
 Things are starting to settle back down  and I am mostly back up to speed. I still get pains in my abdo when I am overdoing it, so I am trying to be careful.
This weekend is Easter weekend. I am so thankful that we will have a sweet weekend together as family. I love my time with my kids and love how spiritual they are. I am glad that we will be able to celebrate the resurrection of the Savior. I really am just so so thankful for my beautiful family. I could never give enough lip service to the feelings I have in my heart when I think of my family. They are absolutely everything to me. I am so glad that I have a best friend who loves me and takes such good care of me, and forces me to go to emerg, even when I really don't want too-haha.