Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sick Guys and "Mama"!

My poor house has been plagued with sickness! It started with Hudson, and then it was Cooper's turn. Both had incredibly high fevers, and have been super lethargic!

Cooper, this last week has been MISERABLE! He would not let me put him down at all. My house has suffered-ha! I have to admit I truly enjoyed my 2-3 hour snuggle sessions with my boy. One night before I put Cooper down in his crib, he flattered me by saying Mama in his seriously pathetic voice. He has just started to say a few different words. He says Dad(Dat), down(dow), Oopsie, Uh Oh, and Up. When Cooper is in his highchair he will look me straight in the eye, grab his plate, then say Uh Oh and whip it on the floor-such a stinker. All of this is always followed by a smug smile.

Mr. Hudson got to go to his first primary party on Saturday. It was pretty cute. He asked me if I would stay with him, and it was really fun! The party was themed after the song, "I am a Child of God". He loved the obstacle course(lead me guide me), and got to decorate a house cookie(has given me an earthly home), and made a FHE kit(about the song), with a hilarious family drawing! I am so thankful for all of the wonderful primary leaders!

Hudson is always making Shane and I laugh and telling us crazy stories. Lately one of his favorite words is creepy, and he usually does not use it in correct context. He was telling me that I didn't like him the other day, and I asked him why he would think that. He because I am creepy-ha.  He also told me not to worry after he had broken something, as his Daddy could fix it because he is an architect! Today when I told Hudson I loved him, he said, not as much as I love you! I usually say that to him, and it made me so glad that he hears that all of the time. On the other hand, yesterday I told Hudson that if he didn't stop being crazy I was going to run away and never come home. He mentioned that to me about 5 times, saying he didn't want me to run away.(so bad hey? I need to seriously watch my mouth). I  can't believe how keen Hudson's memory is! He was almost asleep one night and I was snuggling him when suddenly he said "Mom, if it says pp, I have to be very quiet, and if it says FF, I have to be very loud. But if it says p, you have to be a little bit quiet and if it says F you have to be a little bit loud. Then he rolled over and went to sleep! He is so fun to have around! I love him to bits!

Friday, March 8, 2013

My Humble Etsy Shop

Okay, so either I am crazy or ...Okay I am crazy. Since leaving work, I have felt like I need to do something to occupy my mind while we figure out what our new plan is for our family.

On Valentines Day, I made Cooper and Hudson some ties from a Pinterest Tutorial, and I loved how they turned out. The tutorial is VERY easy.I am a bit of a fabric hoarder, so I have piles of fabric, and seeing how cute all of the ties looked I naturally got a bit out of control and made more ties than my boys will ever need.

I have been having a lot of fun making them, and have even been experimenting on some  adorable bow ties.

I decided it would be fun to open a little etsy shop. So here it is. I named it The Littlest Gentleman, after one of my friends clever blogs. She has a dapper little dude David, and I thought the name of her blog would be a cute shop name.

I have been taking a Photoshop class(which I am in LOVE with) and so my little shop has given me some projects to work on, like the etsy banner and some tags, and stickers ect.

So here is a link to the littlest gentleman tie and bow tie shop!  or there is a link in my sidebar->

I even have had one sale!! I shipped off a couple ties to Florida, for some family pictures:)

So that is what has been keeping me and my sewing machine busy, and keeping my house messy:)

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Oh Snap!

When people meet Hudson, they will usually ask  me "has he always been this busy?" I respond, that he was an incredibly easy and very happy baby, but when he turned 14 months a flip switched and he turned CRAZY.

Anyone who knows Cooper, knows that he is incredibly easy going, mellow and good natured. He is now 16 months, and I think the flip has switched!(insert me scream crying!!!)

I was looking through pictures the other day and remembered photo documenting the shenanigens of Hudson on one day in particular.(I looked at the dates from the images, and it was actually two days)

Here are the images!
a.Got busted breaking into a box of chocolates-ate a bite of all of the chocolates before I caught him.

b.Writing on the wall. This one in chalk, but I have several messy H's around my house from this time. He was learning to write his name and was very eager to do it all over my walls.

c.Knives. Yup, I am taking a picture while he has a knife(I have been conditioned into this person). Not a rare sighting in this home. I only get upset when he runs with them now.

d.Took highlighter to my sewing machine. Nice!

e.Self explanatory.

f.This time goldfish and crasins.

g.Always on the counter. A climbing fanatic! He would constantly get up there, and turn the faucet on and overflow the sink.

h.Finally had to lock the pantry. So thankful for this lock! Not sure why we didn't do it sooner!!

i.This was Hudson's first sleep in his big boy bed, as he started launching himself out of his crib. Let's just say that this was the beginning of A LOT of frustration and lack of sleep. Trying to keep this kid in his bed took forever-Let's just be honest here, who am I kidding, the bugger still sleeps with us!

here are a couple more great times!

I will spare all of the details, but it is safe to say Hudson is a handful! He is getting better, but he used to be the sneakiest, and the fastest and would get into EVERYTHING!

Like I said, I am worried that this may be the next couple years of my life again! Ahhhhh
I am anemic and very very tired. I fell asleep the other day on the couch, and this was the result!

Yup, Flour everywhere! What a little stinker-note:the bag was not even opened, he dug his little finger into the bag and tore into it.

That was followed by this meltdown!It also needs to be noted that the flour instantly clogged my vacuum filter so I couldn't use it, and the flour was in the cracks of each piece of hardwood! Really fun!

Then that night I was trying to get Cooper ready for bed, and he decided that he would throw his jammies on his head and run around naked and be crazy!!!

I am scared! Truly scared! Here is hoping this was just an off week!:)

A Birthday Interview

Last Year I decided that it would be cute to interview Hudson each year on his birthday. This year, I asked similar questions but the answers definitely changed:)

Here is the Quiz

Q: What are your favorite things?
A:Soft pants(sweats) and popsicles

Q:What is your favorite color?

Q:What is your favorite TV show?
A:My Big Big Friend and Netflix(truthfully he LOVES all of the letter factory shows)

Q:Who is your Best Friend?
A: Mom and Dad(awe-melt my heart)

Q:What do you like to do?
A:Play the Dora game and the Tractor game(he is already a gamer!!)

Q:What is your favorite thing to eat?
A:Spaghetti, and then he had to add dessert-freezes, ice cream, and popsicles(really this should be SUGAR)

Q:What is something that you are good at?
A:I am good at riding my bike and I am so strong at lifting the couch(ottoman)

Q:What do you want to be when you grow up?
A:A soccer kicker

Q:What is your favorite song?
A:I am a Child of God

here are his answers from last year.
My poor little boy has been sick the past couple days. Hudson is the most pitiful sick guy ever. I dropped him off the other day at his best friends house while I had an appt. and he sat on a stool in the entrance and just wanted to wait for me. I was so flattered. He has had a crazy fever, body pain and huge lymph nodes. He is so lethargic, and last time he went to the Doctor, the Dr. suggested he may have mono. Poor little guy even had to miss his first primary party. I made him his true favorite dinner (roast and potatoes and gravy) tonight and he wouldn't even eat it. I hope he feels better soon, and I PRAY it is not Mono!!
On an unrelated note, we bought Hudson a leapster tag reader and books for his birthday and he is so so close to reading on his own. I am so proud and amazed! He loves reading and can sound out almost any word. I thought it may be a geeky gift, but he seriously LOVES all of those word factory shows, and also, so this present is right up his alley.

Hudson snuggling under my duvet, taking a moment to make his brother laugh even though he is so sick!