Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Birthday Interview

Last Year I decided that it would be cute to interview Hudson each year on his birthday. This year, I asked similar questions but the answers definitely changed:)

Here is the Quiz

Q: What are your favorite things?
A:Soft pants(sweats) and popsicles

Q:What is your favorite color?

Q:What is your favorite TV show?
A:My Big Big Friend and Netflix(truthfully he LOVES all of the letter factory shows)

Q:Who is your Best Friend?
A: Mom and Dad(awe-melt my heart)

Q:What do you like to do?
A:Play the Dora game and the Tractor game(he is already a gamer!!)

Q:What is your favorite thing to eat?
A:Spaghetti, and then he had to add dessert-freezes, ice cream, and popsicles(really this should be SUGAR)

Q:What is something that you are good at?
A:I am good at riding my bike and I am so strong at lifting the couch(ottoman)

Q:What do you want to be when you grow up?
A:A soccer kicker

Q:What is your favorite song?
A:I am a Child of God

here are his answers from last year.
My poor little boy has been sick the past couple days. Hudson is the most pitiful sick guy ever. I dropped him off the other day at his best friends house while I had an appt. and he sat on a stool in the entrance and just wanted to wait for me. I was so flattered. He has had a crazy fever, body pain and huge lymph nodes. He is so lethargic, and last time he went to the Doctor, the Dr. suggested he may have mono. Poor little guy even had to miss his first primary party. I made him his true favorite dinner (roast and potatoes and gravy) tonight and he wouldn't even eat it. I hope he feels better soon, and I PRAY it is not Mono!!
On an unrelated note, we bought Hudson a leapster tag reader and books for his birthday and he is so so close to reading on his own. I am so proud and amazed! He loves reading and can sound out almost any word. I thought it may be a geeky gift, but he seriously LOVES all of those word factory shows, and also, so this present is right up his alley.

Hudson snuggling under my duvet, taking a moment to make his brother laugh even though he is so sick!

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  1. I know it's bad that I may laugh a little if it is mono (which I hope it is not as it takes awhile to get over)but it's get a sign he'll be a true ladies man. Getting the "kissing disease" at 4. Let me know if you need anything, okay? We'll watch copper if you need to take Hudson to another Doctor appointment.