Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ho Ho Ho

Shane was unable to get next week off work so he decided to take the week off before Christmas. We want to do a lot of fun things and spend some quality family time. Yesterday we decided to venture off to West Edmonton Mall. It has been a while since we have been there(to be honest I hate WEM-way too busy for me) but we wanted to take Hudson to Galaxyland. Little guys two and under ride free. Hudson had a great time. He went on the bumper cars, and a few other rides. He looked so little being on some of the rides by himself, but he had so much fun. I loved watching him have such a great time.On our way out of the mall we saw Santa and the line to be photographed with him was not too long, so we decided to stop for a family photo! Well, let me tell ya, the line wasn't that long, but it was nap time and we were behind another family with a hyper 2 year old. I think poor Shane lost even more hair trying to keep Hudson under control. By the time we finally got to Santa no one was very happy-hahaha.  Here is our first family photo with Cooper! (Hopefully we get some better ones in the future-hahaha-what a funny memory)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hurricane Hudson

This is my little Hudson. My Spirited Sweetheart. My firstborn baby. The one who taught me to be a Mommy, and is still being patient with me as I learn. I love this guy more than words can express! He is about the busiest little boy I have ever seen, but he might just be the funnest/funniest too.
Right now Hudson loves Dora and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse(and so do I). He can spell his name and he knows all of his letters and each of their sounds. He loves drawing and coloring, play dough and being silly. This kid loves to laugh. He loves to be chased, and could play/wrestle with his Daddy forever. Hudson NEVER gets tired to seeing people hurt themselves-infact this may be one of his favorite things(he loves America's Funniest Home Videos). He also loves technology. Ipads(specifically Angry birds) Iphones, Ipods, leappads, dvd players, you name it, he is fairly proficient at operating them.Hudson also loves his "pal" Cooper. This little guy has many friends. He loves his neighbor Ethy, and Jaxen, Rex and Sadie. Hudson is a little parrot, so we have to be VERY careful what we say around him, for it WILL be repeated, and most of the time it is in correct context. I could go on forever about this guy-he is my pride and joy. He keeps me running and is not the easiest toddler to parent, but I would not trade him for anything. He has taken care of me and helped me through many hard times. He is my best bud! I LOVE YOU HUDSY!

Cooper McKay-Our Perfect Addition

Cooper McKay, came to us a couple weeks early(good boy) on October 23, 2011. He was 7lbs 5 oz. and 20 inches long. His labour was VERY short, so he came to us looking like a dream, perfect skin and no blemishes. He is already almost 2 months old, and the thought of that just about breaks my heart! I so wish that he would stay little forever. Just yesterday he started giving us eyes open smiles. I thought my heart was going to explode when I saw it-it was about the cutest thing I have ever seen! This little guy feeds well, and is super easy going. He is a great little sidekick!His big brother Hudson is enthralled with him. Hudson always wants to have him near and says the cutest things like "Mom, Cooper is sooooo cute". I am so excited for Hudson and Cooper to be great pals one day.
Oh little baby Cooper, we love you so much. You are perfect. What a great little blessing you are to our family!Literally since the moment you were born you have been easy.You are calm and content and that is exactly what this mama needed. You love to snuggle and you smile a lot in your sleep. You tolerate your "loving" big brother poking your eyes, steam rolling you, carrying you around non stop, yelling in your face and just "loving" you in general.
After a very long and hard pregnancy you have made every discomfort worthwhile!Thank you for coming to us Cooper, for helping to heal our hearts and for being you! We will try our hardest to be a good family for you! WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Card

So I have never been "on the ball" enough to get my Christmas cards out, but this year I managed(even with a new baby).
I am not savvy in regards to computers, as has been mentioned before so I found these digital Christmas cards on etsy. Ithought all of the cards in this shop were sooo cute.(I used her for Cooper's birth announcement too). I love the photos taken by Talia Audenart Photography. I think they turned out great, especially since Hudson was not really cooperating(surprise, surprise). These boys really do make me have a wonderful life!I am one lucky lady!
Merry Christmas,

Christmas time

Okay, so here goes my millionth attempt at blogging. I have loved the idea of blogging for years, but I am scared of the technicalities of the computer. I recently figured out that online tutorials are one of my favorite things, and so hopefully they can help me have a successful blog!
Being that it is getting very close to Christmas I figured I'd share a peak of what Christmas looks like around our house. Most years I try to set up two trees, but this year has been a bit busier than expected, so we are just doing our silver tree.I love decorating for Christmas and trying to make this time of year special.
This year has been a difficult year for my little family, and this time of year has been especially tough as it will mark the one year anniversary of losing our little baby girl. Decorating the house has helped me to remember the goodness of our Savior and try to focus on Him, as it it through Him that we have been able to heal our hearts from our loss.It has been a lot of fun teaching Hudson about the birth of Christ. He will walk around and say things like"Bethlehem" and "Mary is Jesus's Mom". I hope as my kids get older I will always be able to help them keep Christmas Christ centered!
Well, I will keep this one short and sweet, I hope to be on here lots in the future!

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Okay for real this time!

Third time's a charm? Hopefully! So much has changed with our little family and it's time to start documenting it!....Tomorrow(wink)