Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hurricane Hudson

This is my little Hudson. My Spirited Sweetheart. My firstborn baby. The one who taught me to be a Mommy, and is still being patient with me as I learn. I love this guy more than words can express! He is about the busiest little boy I have ever seen, but he might just be the funnest/funniest too.
Right now Hudson loves Dora and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse(and so do I). He can spell his name and he knows all of his letters and each of their sounds. He loves drawing and coloring, play dough and being silly. This kid loves to laugh. He loves to be chased, and could play/wrestle with his Daddy forever. Hudson NEVER gets tired to seeing people hurt themselves-infact this may be one of his favorite things(he loves America's Funniest Home Videos). He also loves technology. Ipads(specifically Angry birds) Iphones, Ipods, leappads, dvd players, you name it, he is fairly proficient at operating them.Hudson also loves his "pal" Cooper. This little guy has many friends. He loves his neighbor Ethy, and Jaxen, Rex and Sadie. Hudson is a little parrot, so we have to be VERY careful what we say around him, for it WILL be repeated, and most of the time it is in correct context. I could go on forever about this guy-he is my pride and joy. He keeps me running and is not the easiest toddler to parent, but I would not trade him for anything. He has taken care of me and helped me through many hard times. He is my best bud! I LOVE YOU HUDSY!

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