Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas time

Okay, so here goes my millionth attempt at blogging. I have loved the idea of blogging for years, but I am scared of the technicalities of the computer. I recently figured out that online tutorials are one of my favorite things, and so hopefully they can help me have a successful blog!
Being that it is getting very close to Christmas I figured I'd share a peak of what Christmas looks like around our house. Most years I try to set up two trees, but this year has been a bit busier than expected, so we are just doing our silver tree.I love decorating for Christmas and trying to make this time of year special.
This year has been a difficult year for my little family, and this time of year has been especially tough as it will mark the one year anniversary of losing our little baby girl. Decorating the house has helped me to remember the goodness of our Savior and try to focus on Him, as it it through Him that we have been able to heal our hearts from our loss.It has been a lot of fun teaching Hudson about the birth of Christ. He will walk around and say things like"Bethlehem" and "Mary is Jesus's Mom". I hope as my kids get older I will always be able to help them keep Christmas Christ centered!
Well, I will keep this one short and sweet, I hope to be on here lots in the future!

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