Sunday, February 26, 2012

Treasures in the basement!

As I have been working on the basement I am continually finding things that I "intended" to work on, and half finished treasures.

 The first treasure I found were some half finished blankets I wanted to make for the Maternity Ward at the Grey Nuns Hospital. Last year after we lost our baby Piper, I decided that every year I would like to donate little blankets for Mothers and Fathers who have stillborn babies. The hospital provided us with an incredible keepsake box, and in it we were given a little stuffed animal bunny in memory of a little baby boy. That little stuffed animal represented so much love and empathy to me during an incredibly hard time, and I really wanted to repay that kindness.

These are the little blankets we made last year(the young women helped me sew them for an activity)

 The idea  to make these blankets came to me when my sweet niece Cassidy brought me a small rag quilt she made for our baby. I cherish that sweet quilt a lot.
While I was cleaning out the basement I found some more quilts that were cut out and just needed to be sewn  together. The timing has been perfect for me to quickly sew them up(they look just like the pink and white ones pictured above).
I was able to sew them and I hope that I will be able to continue to do this each year, as it not only helps others, It helps me too. I am so thankful for the healing that I have been blessed to experience. We still miss our baby and Shane and I will often talk about that difficult experience, but now I can honestly say that I feel more peace than pain when I think of her. I never ever thought I would be able to feel that way. For that I am truly amazed!

On to the next treasure I found. This is something I bought about a year and a half ago-sheesh!
I bought a family rules subway art print on etsy and had planned on getting it framed and hanging it in our playroom. Getting it professionally framed was crazy expensive-which is why it has been sitting in my basement, but last time I walked through Ikea I realized they made frames large enough for my print(I think my frame was around 45 bucks and it fits a 20x30 print-SCORE)

So here is the subway art I bought in the ikea frame-all ready to go up in the playroom-sorry about the flash-haha

Now I really only have a couple projects left before the play room is finished-wahoo!!!

Playroom Book Storage

I am still working on our playroom/storage and organizing. I am realizing, it is a huge job and a lifestyle change. I am loving the results and I love seeing the progress!

I have seen a lot of cute ideas for book storage online, and I knew that I wanted something that hung on the wall due to lack of space in our bonus room.
These cute shelves are made from Ikea Spice Racks(but when I went there they were sold out)
There were also these super cute fabric sling shelves-I still might make some for Hudson's room
These adorable shelves are made from Rain Gutters-but Shane wasn't sure that they would hold up well with our little Monkey!
 I thought about building some shelves from Ana White's Website but I was too lazy. Here are a couple samples of some "easy projects for beginners"

These Shelves I saw on Pinterest were my Favorite, But there was no proper source(I hate that) and something similar has been pretty tricky to find.
When I went to  Grande Prairie I finally found something that I thought would work well with the space and that would keep the masculine feel in the room. Thank you Winners, for the find.
 These wall shelves hold a tone of books and are within reach of Hudson at all times, they also match these cute locker baskets I found at good old Superstore for toy storage.(I spray painted them black)

One more project down, too many to count to go!