Monday, February 20, 2012

A Birthday Party

Hudson is turning 3 tomorrow but because his best buddy Ethy was moving away we decided to have a joint party for both of them before they left(sooooo sad).

Ethan is 2 days older than Hudson, and they are the best of buddies. Emily (Ethan's mom) and I have concluded that they are besties because  they are both huge geeks, but think they are super cool-ha!

(here are the boys being geeks, thinking they are super cool)

For their party we invited some buddies over, had pizza and cupcakes, candies and chips but mostly just let the boys do what they love to do most-run around and be crazy!

I have never thrown a Birthday party before and I was a bit nervous as to an itinerary but who knew balloons and some dollar store space guns would keep everyone entertained for hours!

I did a little decorating, but really I had to throw the party together pretty quick so I didn't get to do a fun theme, but here are a couple decorations we did.

The streamers were fun, I just grabbed 2 colors and sewed them down the middle(I just tightened up the tension and they gathered without doing anything)-they are a synch and are just a bit different than plain streamers. (note: saw them on pinterest, of course:)
The pom poms are very easy too and there are tonnes of tutorials online how to make them. Here is a link from good ole Martha

We really are so sad to see our WONDERFUL friends leave!  Our night ended with some tears! Emily(or Emawee as Hudson calls her) and Mac have been such a blessing to our family. I could literally call Em anytime I needed anything and she would be willing to meet me at the fence that connected our back yards! She was Hudson's first babysitter and treated him just like her own son! We have been able to share so many memories of our little boys growing up together, It really has been great! We love you Baker's and can't wait to meet you at the zoo soon! Thank you soooo much for all that you have done for us! Good Luck in Medicine Hat!

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