Monday, February 20, 2012

3 Years Old Already!

Tomorrow Hudson is turning three years old! Time flies huh! I can't believe Hudson is going to be three, but in some ways I can't even remember my life before him.

Shane and I decided that each year on Hudson's birthday we will do an interview and record his answers(or as in the case today we will attempt). I will have to fill in on some of his answers, as he did not get a nap today and was really crazy!

So here is what my special little 3 year old had to say.....
1. What is your favorite food? Taquitos (but on any day it could be kraft dinner, ichiban, or any candy-what a healthy diet huh!)
2.Who is your best friend? Cooper
3.What is your favorite color? Azul(blue in Spanish-thanks Dora)
4.What is your favorite song? Jingle Bells(yup sure is-for the past year and a half, could also be The Wisemen Built His House Upon a Rock)
5.What is your favorite movie or show?Toopy and Binoo(sorry but that is the dumbest show ever, and that answer was a little coached- I would say that Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Dora are by far the frontrunners)
6.What is your favorite sport? Hockey(more realistically basketball-he is Jimmer's #1 fan:)

I hope to be able to add a few more questions each year. A couple other things about my boy at age three include...
 Hudson knows all of his letters and can count to 20. He can spell his name and write HU. Hudson likes to draw(sometimes on the walls) and play with playdough.
One of Hudson's most favorite things is cris cross apple sauce, spider crawling up your back...he demands that I do it over and over to him at nap time.
He loves to help in the kitchen. He loves to run and be chased and he loves to wrestle with his Dad. It sounds a little funny but Hudson loves seeing people get hurt, and when he is sad we usually can cheer him up by pretending to stub our toe. Hudson loves his nursery leader "Zemp".
Our little guy has a keen sense of what he is not supposed to do and usually tries to do it. He is a very stubborn boy-hence the epic failing at potty training. Hudson loves baths, and still loves his little brother.(except when he has to listen to Cooper cry)
Hudson loves his cousins and is starting to play a little bit independently(which is so nice). Hudson is a caring boy! He often asks me if I am happy or sad, and he is quick to apologize when he knows he has done something wrong.
Hudsy has a pretty large vocabulary, but unfortunately he is quick to pick up some words we don't really want him saying!(jerk, kill, stupid, crap-just to name a few)Sometimes he will try to be sneaky and say things like I am not supposed to say stupid right Mom?-knowing that by asking the question he is able to say the word.
 This little guy literally keeps us running and watching all day long! He is sooooo busy, but soooo much fun. Hudson we truly feel like our lives just began 3 years ago!We love you and your energy so much and we hope that we can be the best parents to you!
Thank you for your big smiles, laugh attacks and morning snuggles!Thank you for asking me if I am happy and telling me that I will be okay. Thank you for calling my your honey. You are a wonderful little boy and we are so proud of you!

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