Saturday, January 18, 2014

Cleptomania and Colostomy Bags

Hudson my dear first born. I love you so much, but for some reason you have had 2 issues over the past couple weeks that have been driving your Mom and Dad nuts.
The first is stealing. I am not too sure where this has come from, but everywhere we go you steal. I find myself constantly doing pocket checks, and watching you like a hawk. Teaching kids is so annoying sometimes. When I talk to Hudson about stealing, he very smugly responds that he will just"repent" so it will all be okay. AHHHHHH.

The other issue is just gross. Hudson who is almost 5 has reverted to #2ing his pants. Me and Shane are baffled by this. We are not sure why this is happening, and the only thing we can pin it to is that he waits too long. We have threatened him with wearing diapers, and HE DOESN'T CARE. He thinks it is a good idea! A friend of mine has suggested that when he does it, he only be allowed an ice bath, so we are definitely going to try that out. The other idea that I had this morning was to straight up lie to him and tell him that he was going to have to get a colostomy bag. Again, this may have backfired as now all he wants to do is look at pictures on the internet of colostomy bags DISGUSTING!! I showed him some images and he was fascinated. Oi!

Hudson, (who is now only referring to me as Mother (pronounced Mudder) or MOM (emm oh emm)
good thing your a cute little stinker.

Here is hoping for a "clean" clepto free week!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

2014 so far and some Family Pics!

Change is always happening around our house.

For me, I had my last day of work on December 31st. Who knows if I will ever have the opportunity to work as a NM tech again. This year, learning basically a new job kicked my arse big time! It was such a great opportunity to see so many new things, but having two little ones at home, running my etsy shop, and dealing with two church callings nearly did me in!
I just reopened my etsy shop, so I will do that for now. It certainly keeps me busy enough.
I am thankful for now to be done, and I am at an "I don't care" place as far as what happens in the future. Maybe we will win the lotto right?

I was released as the Enrichment leader, and was given a new Primary Class. I teach the CTR 7 class, and they are fun. There are about 8-9 kids, and they are busy and chatty, but I already LOVE them and I am excited to be their teacher. Shane was recently released as a YM advisor, and recalled as a councilor in the YM presidency(his FAVORITE calling ever). He is in Heaven and has a lot of great guys in his quorum.

My favorite.

Hudson and Cooper (and me) are adjusting to being home with me full time. Cooper has turned in to such a Mama's boy and loves being home with me. He makes being home very rewarding. It is a bit tougher on me and Hudson. Hudson misses his friends, and I miss feeling sane-haha. Hudson is really really hard. We have recently decided that the poor boy needs to get help beyond what Shane and I can offer him. It breaks my heart seeing him struggle every day with listening, and behavior. He is such a bright boy, but his troubles have caused a lot of stress on all of us. I am hopeful that we can get some help soon.(Or else I will blog from the mental institution)

Hudson has given us a few embarrassing moments as of late with his observations of others. He had a new primary teacher who had some acne scaring on her face, and decided to ask her all about it. He even told her his skin was nice and smooth and was concerned as hers was "all bumpy".
Then this past weekend we went to see Hudson's cousin play basketball. When we told him where she was on the court he yelled out" Oh I can see her, she is next to that big fat girl'".
Yesterday when we were at Costco, there was a handicapped boy in front of us in line. Hudson decided to yell out "Mom, that boy's face looks kind of creepy".
Always in earshot of parents, using his loud voice. I know it is innocent, but gosh it is embarrassing.

Love this one too.

Another big change for Mr. Huds, will be to have to share a room with Cooper. This week I scored a major deal on Kijiji and got Hudson a new bunk bed and dresser. Hudson has been asking for a bunk bed for a long time, and so I did not anticipate any problems when we set his bed up. Well, last night Hudson bawled for an hour saying he missed his old bed (as if, he still sneaks into our bed every night!). He claimed this bed was too hard, and that the wood was too hard-ha! We will wait for Hudson to calm down with his new room, before we get Cooper in with him. I do not look forward to that. Cooper still sleeps in his crib and he is  an awesome sleeper, so we may be in for some trouble when they share a room.

Now on to sweet Coopy. Cooper has been talking like a maniac. He is honestly the most polite little boy I know. He always says "Thank you Mama" or if I sneeze he will say 'bless you Mama"-unprompted. He is just so wonderful. I would die without him. He is so easy, and so kind. Everything with him is so smooth. He loves to play with his Dad and with his brother.  He is currently obsessed with a painting Mickey Mouse game, and still loves Dora. Coop loves being read to, and maybe the cutest thing I have heard in a while was last night when Cooper sang me twinkle, twinkle, little star. Cooper is so patient with Hudson(which just makes Hudson meaner to him), but he has started to "fight back" a bit. It makes me laugh a bit, but we still scold him. He is so quick to apologize, and he listens so well. He really is such a dream.

One last funny story from Hudson, as I don't want to forget it.
The other day Hudson was in his bedroom. He was locked in for time out. Shane and I were in the bathroom adjacent to his room, when we heard Hudson cry out to us. He told us to look at his door. When we looked he slid two pictures under the door. One was a picture of the Savior and the other was a picture of the Salt Lake Temple. Hudson then proceeded to tell us that we were not listening to the Holy Ghost, and that we needed to let him out of his room. He also told us we were "not listening to Heavenly Father's commands". Hahahahaha. We were having a laugh attack. So there you go, I guess he does listen to what we say!

It's a .....

I am now 22 weeks pregnant, and I have been blessed to have my best pregnancy yet. I have been feeling pretty good, which is such a blessing. I have had a bit of insomnia, but other than that, I am feeling a-okay.
On the 30th of December, I had my second ultrasound. The baby was being pretty uncooperative, so it took a while. Shane and the boys came, but were waiting in the car and Shane was getting pretty worried. When the tech got all of the images she needed, the boys and Shane came in and the tech told us we were having another BOY!
I have to admit I was a bit shocked (not sure why), and full disclosure here, I was so disappointed (sorry son). I think we all were. Hudson told the tech he didn't want a boy, and Shane looked sad. When I got to the car I cried. I have ALWAYS wanted a girl. But, I guess we don't always get what we want right?
I am used to the idea now, and though we wanted a girl we are excited to welcome another little guy to our family. We are so excited for Cooper to be a big brother, and both our boys are obsessed with babies, so it will be really fun for them.
We have started to do all of the usual things like looking at names, and I have been pinning blankets and such on Pinterest, which have gotten me so excited. Ultimately obviously we just want a healthy and happy baby. Even if he is not healthy and happy we will still love him and welcome him in to our hearts.
Our good friends who have struggled with infertility just had their twin baby girls at 28 weeks. I can't keep my mind off those two sweet girls, and what a miracle it is to even have children.
On Christmas day I a special little gift from this guy. I felt the first little flutter kick from him. Since then it has gotten a bit more strong and consistent. Still such an odd feeling:)
I am so excited to be over the half way mark!!!

Christmas Day and Boxing Day

I can't believe Christmas is over. It is so exciting and so much prep is involved and it just seems crazy that it is all over.
Shane and I wrapped all of the gifts Christmas Eve and watched "It's a wonderful Life" and got everything all prepped for the boys. I was so ready for bed, but was worried about how we would hold Hudson off until Cooper woke up in the morning. For some reason worrying about that made me have a terrible sleep, but just as we expected Hudson was up at 6 and Cooper slept in until 8. We let Hudson open his stocking and then we watched DM2 with him until Coopy woke.
The boys were awesome. They were so excited and it really was magical. Hudson kept saying "I love Santa", and Cooper had his smile glued on his face the entire day. I hope I will always remember how special this was. Christmas morning was amazing.

Hudson was so excited! Santa came:)
Opening a gift from Auntie Jodie-so thoughtful!!!!
Opening stockings with Mom and Dad:)
Before-Santa came!!

After: Total Destruction
The rest of Christmas Day was Amazing. It was peaceful and fun. I can honestly say it may have been the first day ever that the kids did not watch any TV, or play on any electronics. We played with their new toys and feasted on treats. Shane made his version of "Big Bill's Breakfast", then I for the very first(and last) time cooked a turkey with all of the fixings for Christmas Dinner. Can I just lament that it is WAY too much work for 2 adults and 2 kids who ate candy all day. My idea was to order Thai food on Christmas Eve, then just do leftovers-ha!
Christmas was just such a wonderful day for the Heath's, and we felt so blessed!

Boxing Day was very similar. We played all morning, then Cooper and I went to a few shops and got some great deals. It was so nice just going with my little man. Cooper is an amazing boy and he rarely gets one on one time. In the afternoon we went sledding at the school near our house. Can I just say we had so much fun. The conditions were perfect. It rained in the morning making the hill suuuper slippery, and it was about 2 degrees outside. It was glorious! Hudson was catching some serious air!

Ahh, we just had such a great Christmas. Now on to the New Year!!!