Tuesday, January 14, 2014

It's a .....

I am now 22 weeks pregnant, and I have been blessed to have my best pregnancy yet. I have been feeling pretty good, which is such a blessing. I have had a bit of insomnia, but other than that, I am feeling a-okay.
On the 30th of December, I had my second ultrasound. The baby was being pretty uncooperative, so it took a while. Shane and the boys came, but were waiting in the car and Shane was getting pretty worried. When the tech got all of the images she needed, the boys and Shane came in and the tech told us we were having another BOY!
I have to admit I was a bit shocked (not sure why), and full disclosure here, I was so disappointed (sorry son). I think we all were. Hudson told the tech he didn't want a boy, and Shane looked sad. When I got to the car I cried. I have ALWAYS wanted a girl. But, I guess we don't always get what we want right?
I am used to the idea now, and though we wanted a girl we are excited to welcome another little guy to our family. We are so excited for Cooper to be a big brother, and both our boys are obsessed with babies, so it will be really fun for them.
We have started to do all of the usual things like looking at names, and I have been pinning blankets and such on Pinterest, which have gotten me so excited. Ultimately obviously we just want a healthy and happy baby. Even if he is not healthy and happy we will still love him and welcome him in to our hearts.
Our good friends who have struggled with infertility just had their twin baby girls at 28 weeks. I can't keep my mind off those two sweet girls, and what a miracle it is to even have children.
On Christmas day I a special little gift from this guy. I felt the first little flutter kick from him. Since then it has gotten a bit more strong and consistent. Still such an odd feeling:)
I am so excited to be over the half way mark!!!

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  1. Hey Linds! I am trying to get back into blogging again and I just found your blog in my bookmarks and wanted to see what you're up to. I see you're up to all kinds of good! :) Congrats on the baby!! I hope you continue to have a healthy and easy pregnancy!!!