Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Christmas Day and Boxing Day

I can't believe Christmas is over. It is so exciting and so much prep is involved and it just seems crazy that it is all over.
Shane and I wrapped all of the gifts Christmas Eve and watched "It's a wonderful Life" and got everything all prepped for the boys. I was so ready for bed, but was worried about how we would hold Hudson off until Cooper woke up in the morning. For some reason worrying about that made me have a terrible sleep, but just as we expected Hudson was up at 6 and Cooper slept in until 8. We let Hudson open his stocking and then we watched DM2 with him until Coopy woke.
The boys were awesome. They were so excited and it really was magical. Hudson kept saying "I love Santa", and Cooper had his smile glued on his face the entire day. I hope I will always remember how special this was. Christmas morning was amazing.

Hudson was so excited! Santa came:)
Opening a gift from Auntie Jodie-so thoughtful!!!!
Opening stockings with Mom and Dad:)
Before-Santa came!!

After: Total Destruction
The rest of Christmas Day was Amazing. It was peaceful and fun. I can honestly say it may have been the first day ever that the kids did not watch any TV, or play on any electronics. We played with their new toys and feasted on treats. Shane made his version of "Big Bill's Breakfast", then I for the very first(and last) time cooked a turkey with all of the fixings for Christmas Dinner. Can I just lament that it is WAY too much work for 2 adults and 2 kids who ate candy all day. My idea was to order Thai food on Christmas Eve, then just do leftovers-ha!
Christmas was just such a wonderful day for the Heath's, and we felt so blessed!

Boxing Day was very similar. We played all morning, then Cooper and I went to a few shops and got some great deals. It was so nice just going with my little man. Cooper is an amazing boy and he rarely gets one on one time. In the afternoon we went sledding at the school near our house. Can I just say we had so much fun. The conditions were perfect. It rained in the morning making the hill suuuper slippery, and it was about 2 degrees outside. It was glorious! Hudson was catching some serious air!

Ahh, we just had such a great Christmas. Now on to the New Year!!!

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