Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Twas the night before Christmas

Yesterday we had such a fun day. We had our best buds come over(the Molina's), then we took Dad out to our favorite Donair place for lunch, and we even got an amazing suprise gift left on our door step. Some one who must know me pretty well left the most amazing binder and yummy cookies for us. In the binder are 24 stories, songs, and pictures for all of the days in December. I have seen these countdown binders before and always wanted one, so I am so thankful to have one to share with my family next year.Whoever you are, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

 Last night our little family hopefully started a new tradition. We went out to the live nativity pageant in Spruce Grove at our church. It was seriously amazing! The play took only 15-20 minutes and the weather was so nice(as it is outside). They have live animals, and seriously, my boys could not have loved it more. The entire time, Cooper kept saying "puppy eating" in his sweet little voice. He loved the goats and the pony. After I asked Hudson what was his favorite part, and he happily told me that he loved Mary and her baby. Inside the church they had hot chocolate and cookies, and Hudson switched his favorite part to the cookies, when I asked him later that night. It was seriously perfect.

 Today we did not do too much. We went to the dollar store to pick up some last minute things and Hudson had his first experience with shoplifting. He stole a sucker. I made him take it back in to the clerk, and he was not scared and really didn't care. He walked up to her and said "Excuse me, I stole this. I am very sorry." He then just walked away. Ahhhhh. After that me and my little criminal made pigs in a blanket (Hudson told me he only wanted to eat the pig, not the blanket) and waited for Dad to come home.

This evening the boys got a great surprise from our Elf Charlie. He brought the boys a gift(Despicable Me 2). The boys got to open that present and of course their jammies. The movie trick worked great, as the boys were pretty hyper and I needed something to keep them occupied. We then read the boys their favorite book, "The Story of Christmas" sang carols and put them to bed.
My happy boys(minus H)

Cooper LOVES his brother!

Poor Santa, We ate all of our holiday cookies, so we had to leave him some other treats:)

I have reflected many, many times about why this Christmas has been so wonderful. So many things have contributed to it, but I can safely say this has been the most wonderful Christmas of my life. I have felt the spirit so many times, and have appreciated the teaching my boys about the birth of our Savior.  Merry Christmas Everyone.

Now off to wrap presents.....eeeeekkkkkkk!!!!

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