Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Baking

Me and the boys embarked on some baking adventures today. It was chaos, but they LOVED it.
We did some pretzels and some sugar cookies. The pretzels are my fav. They are so easy and require NO BAKING!!  I am not much of a baker so they are perfect for me.
I tried a new recipe for the sugar cookies, and it used cream cheese. I am pretty picky with my cookies, I like them to be soft and have lots of icing, and the cream cheese totally did the trick. They turned out great.

The cutest baker, so proud with his H cookie.
Pretty Christmas pretzels.
Our ornament cookies.
 This past week Grandma Jan was up here to celebrate Christmas with us. We only saw her for about an hour, but we let the boys open her gifts and they had such a blast. Hudson got a marble run game that we have already played with for hours, and Cooper got a little Mickey Mouse doll he has not let go of. They also got some great books. Grandma Jan picks the best books for the boys, and we have been reading them together every night. Count the Monkey's, the one book, is the favorite book around here. The boys LOVE it.

Hudson's face says it all.

The new favorite book.

Cooper and his Mickey.
On Monday and Tuesday Auntie Jodie, Cassidy and Camille came for a quick visit. I feel like there are not enough words to express how much I love these guys. They truly love my kids and treat them so well. We had so much fun. We got some Christmas shopping done, watched Home Alone together and  we went to an awesome new trampoline gym called Launchpad. The kids had so much fun playing with their big cousins, and the girls were SO patient with my guys. I just LOVE them. We were all so lonely when they left, but hopefully we will see them again soon.

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