Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Tis the Season

We love Christmas.
We have been busy as usual getting everything ready for our favorite time of year. Shane got our house lights up early this year (thank goodness) as we have had an unbelievable amount of snow this year already.
Shane and his 2 brothers went to Phoenix on a brothers golf trip late in November, so he was able to get the lights up before he left which kept this mama happy:)

Some of the Snow I shoveled while Shane was in 25oC weather:) And for all the vacuum line lovers out there, check out my sweet shovel lines!!
Our pretty lights, thanks to Shane hanging them in the rain:)
I think Mother Nature took this sign too seriously!!
 Hudson, Cooper and I have done a couple Christmas crafts and the boys (especially Cooper) have loved playing with all of the little Nativity sets we have around. Cooper is adorable hugging the baby Jesus pieces and trying to pronounce his name:)
Some cute Salt Dough Ornaments
 Hudson has been SO SO sick the past couple weeks, and we have missed church a couple times, so I decided I would have him sit down and have a little lesson about the birth of our Savior! He loved it, and watched this video over and over(even kissing the screen of the computer and petting the screen when the baby appeared).
We have spent a lot of time decorating inside our house this year as well. We let the boys dress up their playroom and Hudson requested we put colorful lights on their tree. I was able to make a tree skirt for their tree and finish up a super Saturday stocking hanger for that room, as Hudson has also requested that is where Santa brings his presents.
Daddy getting the colored lights just right for Hudson:)

Helping out
Here is a pic of my tree skirt-I totally bought a dollar store tree skirt, then added ruffles around it-so easy!!! Love how it turned out.

Our "bright" Christmas room for the kids, with our handmade stockings from Grandma Jan.

Each year we try to find an ornament for our little angel Piper. I found this one at the hospital and thought it was so pretty.
Our new Piper Angel ornament:)
The boys and I have also started to do a bit of Christmas baking. We made some yummy oreo cookies and are in the process of making carmel and chocolate covered pretzel rods.
So much more work with my kitchen "helpers"

As a bribe to Hudson(for taking his medicine) we decorated our Gingerbread houses. Cooper mostly just ate candy and annoyed his brother, but Hudson was a master artisan. It was so much fun.
using up all of our Halloween candy-heehee

hard at work:)

Hudson is so proud, Cooper is so hungry-haha. I can't believe how big my Hudsy looks here.
our masterpiece
 Another suuuuper fun tradition that we love is our elf on the shelf. Charlie came back December 1st, and Hudson has had a blast laughing each morning seeing where Charlie comes back. On the first morning Hudson said"Mom, I saw Charlie turn his head to watch me walk into the bathroom." So funny.
Charlie is baaaack!!!
Charlie was super nice this year and brought the boys some gifts.(Most annoying toys on the Earth)
My kids LOVE these singing/dancing stuffed animals-haha
Cooper playing with the toys Charlie brought the boys.
I have so many other fun things that I want us to do this season, but like I mentioned our household has been MAJORLY plagued with sickness, so that has limited us with a few things. We missed the Nativity Pageant in Sherwood Park, because poor Hudson had a major fever. The fever was so high and lasted 4 days before finally breaking yesterday. Then after dealing with the whiniest and most annoying sick boy for 4 days, it got WORSE. Hudson's entire mouth has filled with canker sores. All of his gums are swollen, and shredded open. The poor guy has about 7 cankers on his tongue alone. He is pretty much unbearable. It has not been fun.

Cooper on the other hand has just been hilarious the last few weeks. Right now Cooper is obsessed with cleaning. He will steal lysol wipes and just scrub the floor. If I clean anything, he is right beside me asking for a cloth or wanting to spray the cleaner.
He even cleans the bathroom;)
  He is talking so much more and has learned to assert himself.  Some of the ways Cooper has started to assert himself are by hitting and scratching and pinching, and if Hudson bothers him, he will tell him to stop!  In a way it is hard to not laugh as Hudson has had it coming for the last 2 and a half years-haha.

busted stealing Mom's pop
 The latest craze around here for both of the boys is to gather all of the pillows and blankets and make a pile and jump into them. They do it every day and laugh and cackle at each other as they do it. The boys also LOVE Monster's University. They have scream/rawr contest all of the time, and love it when they "scare" me or Shane.

Shane and I were talking the other day about how our bedtime rituals with the boys is our favorite time of the day. We love snuggling in our bed all together, singing and praying and tickling. It is such a great way to end the day with our little dudes.
Lastly, I figured I would add a belly pic. This is 15.5 weeks. Hudson is still convinced this is a baby girl:)
I am pretty sure the baby weighs about a third of a pound, so I am not sure why I have already gained 13!!!!

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