Thursday, November 28, 2013

May Baby

I am pregnant again, which is a HUGE deal to me so I figured it deserved a post.
I did not blog during my previous three pregnancies, but this time around I am so I figured I would loosely track my pregnancy on the old blog.
I abhor being pregnant.  I know that saying that can seem super insensitive, and for that I apologize, but I really do. I get nauseous, exhausted and humungous. I feel like I am an emotional train wreck, I am just so sensitive and I cry on a daily basis. I get back pain, and hip and pelvis pain and don't forget about heartburn!!
To be honest, I have really enjoyed having 2 kids. I feel fairly balanced with 2 kids, and I love that Shane and I are not outnumbered.  I am 32, and Shane is 38. We are old! I really struggled with the decision of having a third, but when it came down to it, I felt is was important to my family. I am sure that I will second guess the decision until the baby comes. I LOVE babies, so I am hoping that enjoying snuggles and having the baby here will dissipate some of my fears. I feel like it required a huge leap of faith to follow through and do what we felt was right. It would be so much easier in every way to have just stopped with our two sweet boys, but I know that we will not regret our decision.

Last week I had my first ultrasound of the baby. I am 13wks 4 days here. I have to say that I will miss working at the clinic this pregnancy! I loved sneaking a peak at my babies whenever I wanted to before:) The US tech who did my exam was awesome. The baby was super squirmy, but we got a couple cute pics:)

So now the countdown to May is ON!!


  1. Congrats Lindsey!!!! 3 is a huge step... being outnumbered and all. I hope you find out the gender, and publish it! I love that you're blogging about it! XOX Eve

  2. Congratulations! Well done on having the faith to get pregnant again let alone raise another child! I pray this will be an easier pregnancy for you! Remember, last time you were pregnant for like, what, 3 years in a row? So no wonder your body was a mess! And you are not old! 40 is the new 30, I'm sure of it! xo