Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween 2013

Oh Halloween,  I love you! But I am so glad your over:)

This year Halloween was so much fun. The boys loved getting dressed up, and we had a couple really fun Halloween Parties so they got to dress up a number of times.

Last Friday night we were able to take our kids to a Halloween Party at Galaxyland. Joel and Amy and Clint and Cherie were there too, so it was really fun. Shane took Hudson on some rides, and I took Cooper, then we met up with all of their cousins and played in a huge play land structure. The kids were literally like wild animals. They loved every second. The only down side was it started at 7(which is their bed time). We have been paying the price all week for letting them stay up late.

 For FHE we decided to carve our pumpkins. It was crazy. Cooper was dying to hold the knife  the entire time. It was a little annoying to say the least. Shane did all of the carving, and he was a master as usual.

We had to miss our ward party because I was super sick, but Hudson and Cooper had a Halloween party today at Shannon's house. They got to decorate cookies, play games, and wear their costumes. They boys are so lucky they have such a creative and fun caregiver.

Today Shane got dressed up for work. The PT on his unit was a cop, so he dressed up as a robber. It was cute.

Tonight, we got the guys all ready and boy were they ever excited. They were champs, running from house to house. Cooper didn't say much but he was right into getting his candy. Hudson would greet everyone with Happy Halloween. It was darling!
I have to say again, that I love our block. Almost every house is decorated, and our neighbors really go all out! After one block we were done. Now we have a house full of Candy. I can't believe the loot these guys get!

We had such a great time. Now to get ready for Christmas!!!

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