Friday, October 4, 2013

Why We Loved Our Summer

 Epic Water Fights. We bought 3 super soakers from Costco this summer, and had MANY amazing water fights in the backyard.

We got to visit Molly. My sister Jodie was AMAZING enough to take my little guys up to Grande Prairie this summer for a whole week. The boys had sooooo much fun. Jodie has 4 acres,  a pool, quads, a big house, and best of all Molly:) It was one of the highlights of the summer for my little guys. 

Family Time, and park visits. We love going to the park. Splash parks, playgrounds, whatever. We usually take the guys for ice cream and a park visit after work, and we always have a blast. 

Bike Rides!! Last Year, Hudson got really good at riding his little strider balance bike. I though they were pretty silly, but this year when Hudson wanted to learn how to ride a big boy bike I was totally proved wrong! He picked up bike riding in about 5 minutes. He makes "skid marks" and even tries jumps-haha. He would bike ride all day everyday if we would let him. Shane found this sweet HOT PINK garage sale bike for ten bucks, and Hudson LOVES his bike!!!

 Playing in the back yard. Hudson and Cooper have really started to play more together. I love it:) Shane bought Cooper a playhouse, and Cooper will play in it for such long stretches! Hudson Loves the trampoline! After work, almost everyday the boys and Shane head out to the trampoline and have various games that they play. I love hearing the giggles from the back yard!!

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