Thursday, October 24, 2013

Dear Cooper,

Hey My Boy!!
This post is a post just for you. I hope that one day you will find this and know how much I love you and how thankful I am for YOU.
Yesterday was your 2nd birthday. I can't describe how much this family loves you! You are such a huge part of US. You are the apple of your big brother's eye, and no one who has ever met you has ever said anything but praises for you and your lovely personality.
2 years ago our family was hurting really bad. My pregnancy with you was horrible,and we needed someone like you to help us recover. Like the sweetheart that you are you came a couple weeks early. Your labor was easy, you were an easy baby and now you are an easy toddler. You listen so well and you give the softest sweetest "Love you's and nuggles."You are quiet and subdued, but funny and can be a bit of a character.  Some hallmarks of you at Two are"

  • You LOVE and demand Dora(Boots, Backpack, and even sneaky Swiper).
  • You still like Mickey Mouse.
  • You love your swing in the basement.
  • You are super into coloring, especially with markers.
  • You love your "ipad" and Mom's phone.
  • You love playing with toys, especially cars and trucks.
  • You think Hudson is the funniest boy around(he is pretty funny).
  • You are obsessed with your "kitty" and snuggles with her at bedtime.
  • You love brushing your teeth, snuggling in Mom's bed and singing songs before bedtime.
  • You LOVE to dance.
  • You are always up for wrestling or dog-piling your Dad.
  • You love to "clean, clean, clean"
  • You tolerate Nursery-your never that impressed being dropped off, but you don't cry anymore and you like the songs you sing:)
  •  You love to take me by the hand and lead me to what you want rather than ask for something.
  • You love to wear sunglasses.
  • You will do just about anything for ice cream

I have not been feeling so super, so yesterday we kept your Birthday pretty low key. I didn't even bake you a cake:(. I did however, take you to your favorite place(McDonalds) for lunch, then to play at Millenium Park . You loved it when Hudson chased you around. You were concerned when he ran off and you couldn't see him. You played yourself out, then we all came home and took a snuggle nap together. When Dad came home we took you to Red Robins, for Dinner and a Birthday Ice Cream Sunday. You loved your balloon, and mostly just ate ketchup with a fork. Every once in a while you would stand in your booth and give us a little dance. The plan of taking you to ChuckeCheese was cancelled because we were all too tired. We came home and let you open your gifts, which you were so happy to receive. I feel bad that I didn't do more for your birthday. You are just such a special boy and I wish I had the energy to throw you a huge party with all of your besties.(Odin, and Laughlin, Lorenzo, Tiago and Joaquin)
My special Boy, I hope that you will always know how much we LOVE you. You are truly a special noble spirit, I am humbled to have the privilege of having you in my family. Love you Coopy Smoochy Poopsy!!!!!!

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