Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Holy Moly.
Today was so cold. It is officially fall here in Edmonton. I figured that since I missed blogging this whole summer, and I have about 7 attempted catch up posts, that I had better just start somewhere. I guess that somewhere will be today and hopefully one day I will find the time to catch up on out AWESOME summer. The Heath's LOVE summer, and had a great one, so we definitely need to document it.

Well right now things are finally beginning to calm down. Until this month I have been working essentially full time at the U of A. I am continuing to learn so so much, but still have so much more to learn. Along with the hospital, my little etsy shop has been super busy. Most days, I  go towork, then play with the boys until their bedtime, then sew all night. It has been a bit much!

We have had the boys all over the place for childcare, but we think we will have something a bit more constant for them now:) We are so so excited about that

Hudson and Cooper have just been growing and learning so much. Cooper's vocabulary increases day  by day, and watching him communicate with us is almost more than I can take. Hudson is just getting so smart, that it just blows my mind.

Hudson is really into anatomy and physiology, especially bones right now. We talk all of the time about different bones, and body parts. In fact tonight before bed, H wanted to feel my vocal chords-heehee.
One night when we were playing on the trampoline Shane randomly asked Hudson how many bones are in a human body, to which he responded "206, Daddy". I didn't believe him, but later googled it and realized he was right!!! He has been reading a lot of books about bones, and apparently remembered how many he had!

Cooper has been an amazing sleeper his entire life, until this past week. He has been such a MAJOR STINKER. He has been scream crying for hours after we lay him down. He is clever and will try ANY tactic to get us to come to his rescue. What he really wants, is to get us to let him snuggle us in our bed. We were trying a new bedtime ritual, allowing the boys to snuggle us in our bed and we say prayers together and do some songs. Well this was so much fun, until both of the boys decided to go nuts when it was time to go into their own beds. Not cool!

Cooper all ready for church:)
Cooper is still such a kind and quiet little spirit. He loves to take me by the hand and lead  me to whatever he wants. If he hurts one of us, he immediately says his version of sorry, and "pets " the person. Cooper has finally started to not mind getting dropped off in nursery. He will now go, and be the easy going happy boy that he is:)
Cooper loves to play with toys. He LOVES cars. Vroom. He will sit and play with his toy kitchen or toy workbench fore such long stretches! It is so different having a kid who loves to play. Cooper also loves his TV characters. He loves "Mouse" and "Boot". It is so cute as he dances to the Mickey Mouse theme song.  At night when we have been doing our snuggle/song sessions Cooper will sing along. He babbles, and does not know words, but it is so cute!

Hudson is getting a bit better in church too. He sometimes struggles, but thanks to some new tablets we bought this summer, he is much better in sacrament meeting. Two weeks ago Hudson was asked to give his first talk in primary. Let me tell ya, it was crazy. I literally offered Hudson 5 bucks and a trip to dollarama, if he would just not be a turd!
I should have known that this would not be enough. Well when we went up to the pulpit, Hudson grabbed the microphone and noticed that it was on, and that he could scream in it. I quickly snatched it and turned it off. Then Hudson refused to talk, he just kept telling me to turn it on. It was so embarrassing. It was such a spectacle.
My Boys showing their personalities and enjoying Mama's bed for snuggles.
I have to say that I love having a 4 year old. I love watching Hudson figure things out and see his reaction to cause and effect. He is so inquisitive. He is really into signs that mean "no"(the circle with a diagonal line through it). Whenever he sees a no smoking sign or no parking sign, or no skateboarding sign, whatever, we have to talk about it. Today on our way to the post office, we had a talk about smoking. He asked why people smoke. I explained to him, that once you start it is really really hard to stop. I told him that sometimes Satan tempts people to smoke, and that sometimes Satan even might tempt him to smoke. He was fascinated by this. We had a great talk about Satan(whom Hudson would only call Martin). After me telling him that Satan was bad, Hudson decided that he should be bad too, so he could "get him". Backfire-heehee. I told him the best way to "get him" is to follow the commandments. I hope that Hudson will learn quickly that that is the easiest way to have a happy life:)

Well that is us over the past couple weeks. I am hopeful to catch up soon:)

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