Friday, August 21, 2015

Moving along!

Things are continuing to be busy and fun around here. As of just this week(Aug 21) Fletcher has finally started to walk!!!!! This big boy is my latest walker, at 15 months. It has been so funny watching F try to get the courage and motivation to walk. Mostly, he just has been too lazy to care-heehee. For the last 4 months, F has been doing the most hilarious bear walk, and even though I am so glad my boy can walk, it is sad to see that funny walk go! F has been doing it so long, and has now become obsessed with cars. Fletcher will bear crawl with the car in his hand , then start to spin out as the car gets him moving too fast haha. Fletchie has just been so much fun to get to know this summer. He just figured out how to come down the stairs, so he feels so independent. He loves to crawl up to the playroom and find his brothers and play with cars, then when he is done, he will crawl back down and find me. He is such a happy fun boy and especially loves laughing at his big bro Hudson!
Just in the past couple of days he has started to say Mama! Wheewhooo!!!!! FINALLY:)
F is such an easy going guy, He will wake up and just chill in his crib and play. He loves playing with toys, and loves Mommy and Daddy. Shane likes to pretend to sleep on the ground, and every time F will come and slap him in the face. It makes the bigger boys crack up every time! Since Cass has been staying with us, he has shown a great interest in her as well. He is always looking up at her after he makes any move to see if she is smiling or looking at him.

Cooper is my lovey dovey separation anxiety boy. This kid does not want to leave my side. He sleeps with me every night, and has recently been leaving Primary as he "misses me"-argh! I am flattered, and secretly don't mind it, but I don't want it to limit him. Every night he and Hudson come and beg me to snuggle them to the point of exhaustion, when I give in and snuggle them. Then they leach themselves to me and demand that I rub their backs! One night I told Cooper I was not going to snuggle him, which caused him to beg more and more. After about thirty minutes he finally started saying, your breaking my heart Mama, your breaking my heart. At that, I decided to give in(cuz who wants a "bwoken heawted" adorable three year old right?) When I got up to to go and snuggle him, he started telling me I was pretty haha! He is really such a funny boy! He just started swimming lessons and the first day I had to literally sit on the side of the pool so he would stay in his class. Today he did much better, which makes me so happy, because I can see that he is really starting to enjoy himself! Beaumont has a great little pool, and the swimming lessons have been great. The boys are having lots of fun, and it gives us a lot of chances to snoop on our house. Cooper especially loves checking out the house. Today I got to meet my neighbour and I was thrilled to find out he had a three year old little boy as well! Yay for little buddies!
Cooper recently gave his first talk in Primary. What an experience. He sat in the "Talk" chair, then when it was his turn to speak he hid inside the pulpit and grunted in the microphone as he punched me. It was a glorious moment! Cooper LOOOOOOVES his big brother. It is my favourite to see them playing together. I just know my boy is going to be gutted when his big brother goes to all day school! Cooper loves to make Hudson laugh. The other night during night time prayers, Cooper asked to bless President "Monster" instead of President Monson, which had us all in an immediate laugh attack. Cooper loves to sit and watch America's Funniest Home Videos. He just cackles and cackles!

I just can't believe my big boy is off to full day school- waaaaaahhhhhh:( I am just going to miss this sweet boy of mine so stinkin much. Hudson is enrolled in French Immersion, so I am just praying that it will go well and that Hudsters will enjoy his new school. I sure hope he will click with his teacher. After last year, I have learned a great teacher can make such a difference. We have Hudson in swimming lessons as well, and he is doing great! With Cass being here, the boys have been off to the park, launchpad, Treehouse or elsewhere everyday. That and swimming lessons have totally tired the boys out! We went and got all of Hudson's school supplies and labelled them all up. So cute. Hudson still blows me away with his wit and smarts. He loves to do mazes and puzzles. I bought him a Maze book with 7 mazes in it, and he finished the entire book in about 30 minutes-ha! Really, Hudson's whole life right now revolves around video games. He loves, them, which provides us with currency, to get him to do when he needs to be eating his meals, reading, cleaning up, ect. ect. ect.

On to our house. Things are moving forward quickly. The main floor is already framed up! This week I went to Park lighting and got to pick out all of the lights in my house. It was FUN! They have so many cute lights, and had everything that I wanted. It really got me even more excited! Now we have everything all picked out. We truly feel so blessed. Being able to have such a beautiful home is a dream of mine, and really, we just feel so so thankful!


(July)I have always had a difficult time with  change. I found it very annoying to start being a school Mom. I was also a new mom to three, and getting used to my new schedule a bit irritating. Over the past year, as we do, I got used to the pick ups and the drop offs, and our new schedule became my norm. I loved hearing all of the neat things Hudson was learning and I had fun getting to know all of his cute school mates. Being a school Mama became really fun and rewarding.
Then, it came time for change again. I had such a super hard time with the end of the school year. I am so sad about not seeing Mrs. Nikolau any more, or all of the little cuties in Hudson's class. I miss hearing about Hudson's adventures. I say that knowing that Having my boy in full day school will be an equally difficult challenge. I know I will miss him, and hate the early mornings.

A. Blair McPherson is now familiar to me, and Hudson, so it will be a bit challenging to get my boy off to a new school next year as well.

At the beginning of June, we received our miracle and were able to sell our condo. Freakishly, many things aligned for us, and that same week we signed with a builder to build a home in Beaumont.
We are so so excited to live in our forever home, but again, all of the change stresses me out a bit.
We have always loved the community feel of Beaumont, and feel it is a great fir for our family. Hudson will start grade one at the Colonial Estates school, in French Immersion. Our new home will not be completed until the end of January, so I will be driving Hudson to his new school each day.

Just this past week we finished all of the selections for our house and it has been so much fun. Pinterest has been my best friend and worst enemy. I have known what I would pick for a while, but definitely had a hard time with the fireplace and some of the kitchen choices. Yesterday when we got our final tally, I realized I miscalculated our budget by 10k and accidentally went over by that amount. I was so surprised we were doing so well with our budget haha, oops.. Too late to change anything now:)

The designer, Cheryl who we worked with was just the absolute best. Shane took the back seat to most of the design stuff, so Cheryl and I became buds! Yesterday, we asked Cheryl when she thought they would start digging, when she looked up our file, she thought we already had a hole, so we went by and we DID! It was so exciting! I made Shane get out and take a picture with the hole-haha. Our house is already a bit a head of schedule, so we may be in before the end of the year-ahhhhhh!

Shane had this past week off so we decided to take the boys down to Drumheller and the Calgary Zoo. Travelling with kids, is fun, but crazy at the same time. We stayed at the Sheraton Cavalier water slide hotel with the boys and between all of us, no one got very much sleep. With Fletcher still being young, we have just tried to do Staycation stuff, close to home, but next year we are hoping to do a bigger trip. I loved being at the Zoo with the boys. The weather was perfect, and the Zoo really is world class. We snacked on lots of popcorn and treats, learned about animals and enjoyed the perfect weather. We really have had so many wonderful nice hot days this summer it has been great!

Earlier on in the week, I also took the boys to the Dinosaur Exhibit at the Telus World of Science. Cooper was so adorable talking to all of the dinosaurs, and digging for fossils. Hudson preferred the ore hands on body exhibit, and was pretty stuck on getting his own lab coat and safety glasses from the gift shop. At the end of the day Hudson whipped out a dinosaur bone or tooth of some sort from his pocket. I gasped, as I thought he took it from one of the skeletons on display. I told him we had to return it and we boogied back to where he "found" it. He kept assuring me that "no one was using it" so it was fine! When we returned, there were a couple of girls at the table he took it from. Hudson showed them the tooth, and they literally yelped with joy! The girl shouted "You found the missing Veloceraptor tooth"!!!! They were so happy and treated him like a King, until they asked him where he found it, realizing, he found it exactly where it was supposed to be! How embarrassing!!! It was a good teaching moment I suppose!

The boys have also enjoyed going out to some movies:) We have taken them to see the Minion movie and the "Feelings" movie-I forget what it is really called haha!
They have enjoyed multiple park visits, The trampoline park, swimming, and playing on our water slide in our backyard. To be fully honest it has been a lot of work  to keep these guys busy. Cooper would be happy doing whatever, playing lego, playing with playdough, coloring, watching shows... whatever, and Hudson, would be content to play video games ALL DAY LONG!

Between my etsy shop, Shane's contract, and meetings with our builder, we have been busy!
At the beginning of July, the boys got to go to Auntie Jodie's house, then to Grandma and Grandpa's place for a day. Fletcher stayed home with me, but when we picked the kids up, Fletcher got a terrible flu. The next week, that flu passed through each of us! It was a nasty one! Thank goodness it was fast and everyone felt better quickly:)

We have just been doing our best this summer to stay busy(keep Hudson from playing video games all day) and spend time together! My heart has truly been touched watching my boys become better friends. We sure love summer!!