Saturday, January 18, 2014

Cleptomania and Colostomy Bags

Hudson my dear first born. I love you so much, but for some reason you have had 2 issues over the past couple weeks that have been driving your Mom and Dad nuts.
The first is stealing. I am not too sure where this has come from, but everywhere we go you steal. I find myself constantly doing pocket checks, and watching you like a hawk. Teaching kids is so annoying sometimes. When I talk to Hudson about stealing, he very smugly responds that he will just"repent" so it will all be okay. AHHHHHH.

The other issue is just gross. Hudson who is almost 5 has reverted to #2ing his pants. Me and Shane are baffled by this. We are not sure why this is happening, and the only thing we can pin it to is that he waits too long. We have threatened him with wearing diapers, and HE DOESN'T CARE. He thinks it is a good idea! A friend of mine has suggested that when he does it, he only be allowed an ice bath, so we are definitely going to try that out. The other idea that I had this morning was to straight up lie to him and tell him that he was going to have to get a colostomy bag. Again, this may have backfired as now all he wants to do is look at pictures on the internet of colostomy bags DISGUSTING!! I showed him some images and he was fascinated. Oi!

Hudson, (who is now only referring to me as Mother (pronounced Mudder) or MOM (emm oh emm)
good thing your a cute little stinker.

Here is hoping for a "clean" clepto free week!

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