Sunday, February 9, 2014

Embarrassment, Art, Bowling and Battleship

Sometimes I think I should have named this blog, How my kids embarrass me on a daily basis. I think it may be more fitting for my life.
The missionaries popped by the other day(the Elders-boys) and Hudson and Cooper were in fine form. They acted like I gave them speed. The missionaries awkwardly stood in the door I think a bit in shock, when Hudson decided to start throwing down my dirty underwear and bras down at them. You can imagine how fun it was to be me at that moment.

Right now I am a bit obsessed with Hudson's art work. He loves to draw. We play a game where he draws a question mark and gives me the first letter of whatever he is going to draw, then he draws it and I guess what it is. It is so fun. I have so enjoyed being able to keep Hudson busy and he is so happy when we do "Art". I obviously can't keep all of Hudson's art treasures, but I try to keep some and snap some pictures of my favorites. Sometimes Hudson will draw the baby pictures, and I think he is finally okay with having a brother. We talk about the baby a lot, and Hudson has agreed to help by making the baby laugh and taking his diapers out to the diaper pail in the garage:) Another thing that Hudson has been doing are some workbooks I bought him from Education Station. He will literally sit for an hour at a time and do the different activities.

Hudson Drawing himself-note:the red "pelvic area" part was "where his poop comes out"- nice!

melts my heart

Hudson decided that he wanted to go bowling a few days ago, and had started to ask me everyday if we could take him. On Monday he drew me a card with him bowling and asked if we could go for FHE, so I knew he REALLY wanted to go. I quickly looked on groupon and found a super great deal. 19 bucks for an hour of bowling with the shoes included for up to 6 people. I bought the groupon, and I am so glad I did.
I die!

At first Shane tried to control the situation and make the boys take turns and act like humans. He offered them lessons and suggestions but after about 10 unsuccessful minutes we just let them go crazy like the wild animals that they are. It was insane.

Cooper using the ball helper as a slide.

More than once  there were 3-4 balls flying down the lane at the same time.  I am still in shock there were no serious injuries. I snapped a couple videos of Hudson lobbing the ball, and I can't believe we did not get kicked out. Overall, it was crazy, but super fun too. The boys were in HEAVEN, and Hudson has asked me to go again everyday since.

Holy, I love these guys!!!
Cooper has decided that he hates nursery again, and now refuses to go. He is also sporting a new fake laugh, which is pretty hilarious. He fake laughs at just about anything.  He is talking and communicating more and more and it is so fun to get to understand him. The other day Shane scolded Cooper for climbing on the dishwasher door. Cooper was so offended, and sat with his bottom lip out, when suddenly we hear "rude Dad" then "Daddy bad"-hahah. Cooper's favorite song right now is Once there was a Snowman, he could sing it for hours. I am so thankful that Cooper is still such a snuggler. I love cuddling with him, and that he loves his Mom. If he wants to be held, I try to drop anything I am doing to give him cuddles. It is good for both of us and I know that my time snuggling him is marked.

Cooper enjoying the fort he and Hudson made together.

Cooper fitting Spidey with some shoes

My little etsy shop is still thriving. I have been quite busy, and for the first time since I opened the shop I am not working another job, so I have been able to stay on top of it. It is such a relief.  I feel like I will maybe be able to run it the way I have always wanted to now that I can focus on it a bit more.
I ordered some new supplies and business cards, and I am trying to get all of my listings updated. It is a lot of work, but totally enjoyable work, so it is good. Plus I get to be home with my little guys:)

New stickers.

 I am now just a bit more than 24 weeks. I am now feeling and looking pregnant. I would say that my biggest complaints have been insomnia and heartburn. The insomnia has been crazy, and I know the heartburn will only get worse, so I believe this is exactly what the third trimester is supposed to be like.
Weird doing a preggo selfie-but I have never done them before, and somewhat regretted it.
24 weeks.- I wrote this about 2 weeks ago, but just finally added the pictures today-oops
Now onto the Heath boys latest obsession. Battleship. Shane decided to teach Hudson how to play battleship this week. Now that is all he wants to do. It is so funny to hear him talk smack to his Dad. The other morning Hudson was up in the bonus room, and Shane was downstairs, and we hear Hudson yell" Happy New Year", followed by an evil laugh as 2 homing missiles took out some of Shane's ships. Hudson is hilarious playing with his Dad, and it is fun to see them together.

Playing Kung Fu

An epic battle with Daddy

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