Sunday, February 9, 2014


This weekend my little etsy shop had it's 1000th sale. It sometimes seems crazy, but I  have spent a lot of time over the past year sewing so it should not seem too crazy.

I have learned a lot over the past year, and it has been fun. I like doing my own thing, and I LOVE being home with my guys. I was really sick of being away from them all of the time. They were learning so much and changing so much and I was missing it. It would not have been so bad if my kids didn't go to bed at 7, or if I had any energy after work, but  that was not the case. 2 hours with my kids which included cooking dinner, feeding them , bathing them and getting them to bed was not working for me. My little shop has provided me a way to continue to help my family financially, but be with my kids, which is really what all of us needed.

 I like being in charge of my little shop, but at the same time, I have to hand it to my sweet husband who is my only "employee". Shane deals with the constant messes all over my house, a major lack of dinners, and is always up for a mail run. Shane helps out all over the house, and is definately a hands on Dad which to allows me to have this little shop. He knows that I enjoy it and it has become important to me and he has truly given me wings to fly. He really is my best friend. I used hear that your husband would be your best friend, and I totally expected something different. I have never had a guy best friend before, but now after 7 years together I am finally understanding it. Anyway, I am thankful for my number one fan and biggest supporter, Shane!!

A typical sewing day mess.

Now off to get sewing:)

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  1. Congrats Lindsey! Im so happy your shop has/is doing so well!!!! Go Girl! XO Eve