Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Happy Hearts Day

This year, I have been pretty busy so I decided not to decorate for Valentines Day.
Hudson loves decorations and holidays so I thought maybe we could try something different(that didn't require as much work)
I saw on Pinterest that someone put a heart on their child's door everyday leading up to February 14th. I have kept it VERY simple, and moved Hudson's hearts to the fireplace, but have done a new one each night so when he wakes up in the morning he can find his new heart. Shane has done a couple as well. Hudson LOVES finding his new heart and getting me to read it to him. He beams when I tell him the reason I love him. This has been just the best little tradition. It takes less than a minute a day and it has really made my boy feel special.

We had a fun, uneventful Valentine's Day. Just the way this Mama likes it!!
I set up a couple treats for the boys when they woke up. Hudson opened all of Cooper's candy and toys before he woke up. Then they scrapped over who got which toy. We had a Valentine's Breakfast, but the boys refused my idea of pink heart shaped pancakes and asked for hot cereal (more healthy anyway-heehee).

We worked on some Valentines for Daddy, and then our best pals Parker and Landon (and crew) came by for a short exchange of Valentine's treats. Hudson was so happy, as these guys are his best buds.

Tonight we opted to stay in and get delicious deep dish pizza. I ate too much:)
Shane brought me home pretty flowers. The cutest was when Hudson saw Shane come in the door with them, and he gasped"Mom, Dad loves you".

 As far as gifts go, I now opt for favors in lieu of gifts and have Shane roped in to help me do some painting and building me some laundry basket shelves! Wahoo! I will take favors any day over gifts!!
Here they are in all of their organizing glory:)

My favor to Shane was to hem the pants of his "new suit"-we bought the suit in June-AHHHH Check out that sweet hem job.

Love my Valentine!
I wanted to write about my Valentine's Day, because I remember many Valentine's Days spent alone. Those days were lonely and a bit sad. Now I have so much and I am so thankful for my three sweet Valentines and how lucky I am to have each of them in my life. We are all getting so excited for our baby boy to get here and join us in our crazy journey.

Happy Valentine's Everyone!

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