Monday, February 20, 2012

A visit to Auntie Jodie's

My wonderful sister Jodie lives in Grande Prairie, which is about 4.5 hours away from us. She is such a great Auntie and Sister! Her and family are tones of fun! Jodie is a REALLY busy lady and had not been able to come to Edmonton to meet Cooper, so I decided I would embark on my first road trip with the boys(I know-I am a bit crazy)

The drive went okay thanks to Dora, Tangled and McDonald's pit stops!

My sister just moved into an amazing 4000 square foot home on an acreage. I went up hoping to help her with some of the unpacking and decorating, and of course just to visit. We got so much done and it was so fun spending time with her wonderful kids.

It is always nice to be around people who love you. Cody, Cassidy and Camille made my kids feel like celebrities! They were each calling dibs on bathing, dressing, and holding my boys. I am so thankful for all that they did to help me. They are GREAT kids! Cody took Hudson on a quad ride, and Camille took Hudson on the trampoline, while Cassidy gave Hudson HUGE bubble baths, in Jodie's master bath tub(Hudson was scared of the jets-haha)

Probably Hudson's favorite thing to do at my sister's was play with her heard of pets. Jodie and Vern have 3 labs(Abby, Molly and Zoey) and two cats(Lacey and Simba). Hudson was in animal heaven(the animals were in animal hell-hahaha)

Jode's I wish I could have stayed longer and gotten more done! Your house is incredible, I am so excited for you guys! Thanks so much for the hospitality and the great time! I love you and Vern and the kids so much!

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