Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sick Guys and "Mama"!

My poor house has been plagued with sickness! It started with Hudson, and then it was Cooper's turn. Both had incredibly high fevers, and have been super lethargic!

Cooper, this last week has been MISERABLE! He would not let me put him down at all. My house has suffered-ha! I have to admit I truly enjoyed my 2-3 hour snuggle sessions with my boy. One night before I put Cooper down in his crib, he flattered me by saying Mama in his seriously pathetic voice. He has just started to say a few different words. He says Dad(Dat), down(dow), Oopsie, Uh Oh, and Up. When Cooper is in his highchair he will look me straight in the eye, grab his plate, then say Uh Oh and whip it on the floor-such a stinker. All of this is always followed by a smug smile.

Mr. Hudson got to go to his first primary party on Saturday. It was pretty cute. He asked me if I would stay with him, and it was really fun! The party was themed after the song, "I am a Child of God". He loved the obstacle course(lead me guide me), and got to decorate a house cookie(has given me an earthly home), and made a FHE kit(about the song), with a hilarious family drawing! I am so thankful for all of the wonderful primary leaders!

Hudson is always making Shane and I laugh and telling us crazy stories. Lately one of his favorite words is creepy, and he usually does not use it in correct context. He was telling me that I didn't like him the other day, and I asked him why he would think that. He because I am creepy-ha.  He also told me not to worry after he had broken something, as his Daddy could fix it because he is an architect! Today when I told Hudson I loved him, he said, not as much as I love you! I usually say that to him, and it made me so glad that he hears that all of the time. On the other hand, yesterday I told Hudson that if he didn't stop being crazy I was going to run away and never come home. He mentioned that to me about 5 times, saying he didn't want me to run away.(so bad hey? I need to seriously watch my mouth). I  can't believe how keen Hudson's memory is! He was almost asleep one night and I was snuggling him when suddenly he said "Mom, if it says pp, I have to be very quiet, and if it says FF, I have to be very loud. But if it says p, you have to be a little bit quiet and if it says F you have to be a little bit loud. Then he rolled over and went to sleep! He is so fun to have around! I love him to bits!

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