Sunday, May 26, 2013

Here Comes Cooper

Sir Coops A Lot has always been a suuuuuuper laid back easy going little guy. He is so chill, that sometimes, I have had a bit of guilt (surprise, surprise) that I don't know him better. He certainly has a personality, but since his older brother's personality is So demanding and  more aggressive, I have had very little opportunity to really get to know his peaceful little soul.

Thursday I did not have childcare so I stayed home and watched my little guys. It was such an epic day for little Cooper, so I am so glad that I did. Coops is super quiet, and has occasionally said the odd word, but until Thursday, he has not been much for asserting his vernacular.
But, something must have happened Thursday, because my little boy decided he wanted to be heard. He just started parroting everything Hudson said. He wouldn't just say it, he would scream it. "UP, MORE, EAT, DADDY, MAMA, KITTY, PUPPY" ect ect ect. It was hilarious watching him grin from ear to ear after he would communicate something to me. On this very special day, he must have gained a bit of confidence, as he decided it was also okay to touch and sit on his big brother. This is definitely not an okay thing to do. I must say that I have seen Cooper go flying off his brother a time or two since he decided he was brave enough to power slam, hug or butt stomp Hudson. If Hudson does anything remotely funny, Cooper howls with laughter. He craves attention from his big brother, so we are careful to try and make Hudson be patient with his brother.

Cooper has just let his little personality shine and it has been hilarious and wonderful to "know" him better. Cooper has stayed true to male stereotypical behavior and has had laugh attacks when he has passed gas. He also loves it when I react to his stinky diapers. He gets such a pleased look on his face as he announces Poo! At night, we have decided to include Cooper in our family prayer, and he can almost not contain his excitement to be included in this little ritual. I am so smitten by this boy! He is getting so big, and I am so proud of him:)
Cooper has started in Nursery at church. He hates it, and cries like a mad man, but he will stay in his class as long as he is in Brother Lamont's arms.
Love you little dude:)

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  1. Cooper is just getting cuter. Landon informed me that he just wants to play at Hudson's house. Maybe we will have to be your back up babysitters this summer. We miss you,