Sunday, March 3, 2013

Oh Snap!

When people meet Hudson, they will usually ask  me "has he always been this busy?" I respond, that he was an incredibly easy and very happy baby, but when he turned 14 months a flip switched and he turned CRAZY.

Anyone who knows Cooper, knows that he is incredibly easy going, mellow and good natured. He is now 16 months, and I think the flip has switched!(insert me scream crying!!!)

I was looking through pictures the other day and remembered photo documenting the shenanigens of Hudson on one day in particular.(I looked at the dates from the images, and it was actually two days)

Here are the images!
a.Got busted breaking into a box of chocolates-ate a bite of all of the chocolates before I caught him.

b.Writing on the wall. This one in chalk, but I have several messy H's around my house from this time. He was learning to write his name and was very eager to do it all over my walls.

c.Knives. Yup, I am taking a picture while he has a knife(I have been conditioned into this person). Not a rare sighting in this home. I only get upset when he runs with them now.

d.Took highlighter to my sewing machine. Nice!

e.Self explanatory.

f.This time goldfish and crasins.

g.Always on the counter. A climbing fanatic! He would constantly get up there, and turn the faucet on and overflow the sink.

h.Finally had to lock the pantry. So thankful for this lock! Not sure why we didn't do it sooner!!

i.This was Hudson's first sleep in his big boy bed, as he started launching himself out of his crib. Let's just say that this was the beginning of A LOT of frustration and lack of sleep. Trying to keep this kid in his bed took forever-Let's just be honest here, who am I kidding, the bugger still sleeps with us!

here are a couple more great times!

I will spare all of the details, but it is safe to say Hudson is a handful! He is getting better, but he used to be the sneakiest, and the fastest and would get into EVERYTHING!

Like I said, I am worried that this may be the next couple years of my life again! Ahhhhh
I am anemic and very very tired. I fell asleep the other day on the couch, and this was the result!

Yup, Flour everywhere! What a little stinker-note:the bag was not even opened, he dug his little finger into the bag and tore into it.

That was followed by this meltdown!It also needs to be noted that the flour instantly clogged my vacuum filter so I couldn't use it, and the flour was in the cracks of each piece of hardwood! Really fun!

Then that night I was trying to get Cooper ready for bed, and he decided that he would throw his jammies on his head and run around naked and be crazy!!!

I am scared! Truly scared! Here is hoping this was just an off week!:)

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