Saturday, February 23, 2013

Ahoy Matey!

My sweet 4 year old!
 This morning we had Hudson's 4th Birthday party. It was SO MUCH FUN.(also lots of work-but totally worth it)
We decided to have a Pirate Party. Right now I will just say a big thanks to Pinterest, for all of the inspiration and free printables. I was not very prepared, and did not take any pictures pre party(and after I realized my camera was on a funky setting so the pictures are all blurry-oops).
Here are a few pics and links of some of the awesome free Pirate Printables. I printed mine off at staples. There was everything, even cute pirate hats! All of the other decorations came from Target or Dollarama!
The decorations!

click here-----> for thank you notes, drink labels, food labels and banners
click here------->for printable pirate hats and eye patches
click here------>for printable signs

The balloons and streamers-Shane teased me that it looked more like the presidential inauguration decorations than a birthday party-hee hee.

Our party started at 10:30. Hudson was up all night worried that someone would break into our house and steal the pinata candy, so I am glad we started early. We let the kids play around until everyone arrived. Madeline was the first Matey that showed up, and immediately upon her arrival Hudson started ripping her gift open. He has been looking at the calender everyday waiting so patiently for "23".
Some of Captain Hudson's Mateys!
When everyone came we played musical chairs(I know old school-hey). I just remember playing it as a kid and loving it. It was pretty cute. I made the mistake of giving the kids candy when they got out of the game, so some of the kids were not too interested in fighting for their chairs-heehee. Landon Kutanzi was our big winner for most of the rounds. I found some awesome tattoo's or"stickers-haha, in the states this summer, so we inked all of our pals, then got ready for lunch.

This was so fun! I love Madeline's face here!

Cooper showing off his ink

After lunch we had the pinata breaking. We set it up in our basement, which is ghetto, but the kids LOVED it. I loved watching them go crazy when the Pirate Shane finally exploded the pinata and the candy.

Hudson said his favorite part of the party was hitting the pinata!

Another favorite moment was when Shane cheered on Valentina with the pinata, and told her it was part of her heritage-haha

Collecting the BOUNTY!
 I am NOT a baker or kitchen guru, but I managed to pull off some pirate cupcakes. They turned out way cuter than I thought considering I have no icing bags or tips. Hudson was thrilled with them, so it made my efforts worthwhile.


Hudson had 2 girlfriends after blowing out his candles
 The long awaited moment of opening presents finally arrived at the end of the party. Hudson reacted much the same way as he did at Christmas. Everything rocked his world. His sweet Mateys were so generous and kind. Hudson truly is so blessed to have so many sweet little friends.

One of my favorite pictures! I love how interested all of the kids are in the gifts! What cuties!

The obligatory forced hug:)
 Overall, it was busy and chaotic, but so wonderful. I would do anything for my boy, and I sure hope that he knows how much we love him and how thankful that he is part of our family!!!

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  1. So cute, Lindsey! We love the pirate theme here too. In fact, on a daily basis Quinn is still wearing the pirate head scarf thingy from Autumn's pirate princess party in October.
    You're a great mama! One day, your kids are going to look back at the pictures and read your blog and they are going to realize all the time, effort & love that went into all the little details. It's worth it, my friend! You'll see.