Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Today, something amazing happened!
So my poor babies both have been sick. Hudson was throwing up and has had a fever, and body aches, and Cooper has been getting 4 teeth, two which have finally cut through.

This morning Cooper was pretty lethargic, and Hudson said his ears hurt, so I figured I'd bite the bullet and take them to the Doctor.

The Doctor was great, and we did not have to wait long at all. When the Doctor spoke she spoke to Hudson and he was so proud to answer her questions. As she was writing a note in his chart, Hudson turned to me and whispered, "I hope the Doctor likes my shirt". He did so good, and used such great manners.

When it was Cooper's turn, Cooper did very well too. Hudson asked the Doctor not to hurt his brother-and sat well and waited for hid exam. Cooper had an ear infection. At the end of the appt. the Dr. Complimented my boys and told them what great manners they had, and said they were

I had no words. This is the first time anyone has ever said that about my kids, especially when they are sick. I figured since this was the first time( and I pray not the last) I'd post about it.

We spent the entire day snuggling and vegging, and Hudson helped me make a Pirate invitation for his upcoming birthday party. (we had fun making it)

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