Sunday, June 3, 2012


Have I mentioned how much I love summer lately? Cuz, I LOVE SUMMER.
The past few days have been spent doing the following:
  1. Playing outside
  2. Picking Dandelions(H pulls his wagon around and collects them for me-so cute)
  3. Going to the Park
  4. Going to Garage Sales
  5. Eating Popsicles
  6. Watering the grass
  7. Planting Flowers and trees
  8. Going on bike rides
  9. Mowing the grass(Hudson loves to "mow" with a stroller while we cut the grass, and it is his "chore" to help bag the grass)
  10. Playing with pals in the back yard
  11. Playing Badminton in the yard and
  12. Jumping on the trampoline
We have been enjoying the great weather and the few bugs as of late! It has been so much fun!
As is always the case, here are a few shots of us the past little while.
Our new trees and flowers*now let's hope that we can keep Hudson from uprooting them all:)
 We bought our duplex because we hoped we would enjoy our yard in the future, but It really is THE BEST feature of our home. We live outside in the summer!

This cutie LOVES to crawl around in the grass, he is so easy to please.
A definite favorite activity around here! Anything with wheels down the hill!

Tonight I offered Hudson a piece of gum if he would let me take some pics of him and Cooper.(He was desperate for some sugar, because today he was a terror at church so I cut him off-hahaha)
 Cooper has cut ANOTHER tooth-so of course he has his hands in his mouth.
                       (Do you like how ghetto we are-we do impromptu photoshoots with our three year old in only his ginch-bahaha)       

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