Sunday, October 4, 2015

Three Boys

If someone had told me that I was going to absolutely LOVE having three boys, I really don't think I would have believed them. I have always loved little girls, and imagined my life at least having one.

The last few days I have been filled with precious moments that have been so amazing. I LOVE having 3 boys. I can now say, I would have never changed a thing. Being a mama to little boys is so special. The relationships of these 3 sweet brothers truly blows my mind. I am obsessed.

Hudson has now completed his first month of school. So far so good. He is doing well with his french words, and iit is providing him with a bit of a much needed challenge. Since we have used the destiny game as a reading reward this summer, Hudson has learned to read so well. He reads without stopping to sound out any words. I really is amazing. He is reading grade 3 and 4 books with no problems.I have seen such a huge improvement over the last few weeks. A couple weeks ago Hudson had to give the talk in Primary. He did so well. He stood up, and read the whole talk smoothly and without any help. What a huge difference a couple years can make!!
Hudson has made some nice pals,and enjoys his classmates. One day when I was dropping Hudson off, a little girl in his class said "Hi, Farting Hudson!" I knew immediately he was showing people his true self! We had a good chuckle about that! He was so embarrassed.

Hudson has become obsessed with Pokemon cards. The kids all trade them and each day he comes home with new cards and stories of how either he, or someone else was swindled getting the best EX cards.
Hudson showing Cooper he "Poko table")

Driving Huds to school has not been too bad at all. I love picking him up and hearing all of his stories. I take a country road to the school, and during the fall the drive has been so so pretty. I also get to drive by our house and snoop on progress which I love. It has been so exciting watching everything go up. Just this week they added all of the siding. Yesterday we were able to take the boys and sneak in to the house and show them their rooms. They were pretty excited. (No one can be more excited then me though-hehe)
The school is really nice and I can say I feel great about sending my kids there:)

I have loved having some extra time with my Cooper during the day. He follows me around and has such a nice calm temperament.  He loves to play with toys and especially Playdough. If I mae Cooper playdough, he will literally sit and play with it ALL DAY. He is so easy and wonderful. Etsy has slowed down and I have been able to do more around the house chores to try and get this place all ready to sell!
Handsome boys and his favorite PLAYDOUGH!!

We have had so many beautiful fall days. We have been trying to soak up as many park visits, walks, and backyard playing as possible. Sadly it is starting to feel super chilly, and I am confident there are not too many more warm days left.

The boys started in Sportball a couple weeks ago. I have Cooper going during the day on Thursdays, then Hudson goes at night. So far the boys have loved it. The coaches are great, and the boys learn skills each week for a different sport. Cooper and Hudson both really liked volleyball, and Hudson loved Basketball as well. After his class he wanted to come home and practice and "burn off some more steam." I do not want to overschedule my kids, so this has been a really nice fit for us both, They love it, and I love seeing them have so much fun. I would love to get Hudson playing an instrument next year when we are all settled in Beaumont. I am praying that Fletcher will be my cello player.

Last week, we were able to go and say goodbye to Elder Jacob Heath. He had a wonderful farewell talk and is now off to Louisiana for his mission. Last month we were able to attend the temple with Jacob and his awesome parents.  We really love Jacob so much and are so proud of him. There is not a nicer boy in the world!We will miss him, but con't wait for all of the neat experiences he will have over the next 2 years!

This weekend, we had general conference. As usual it has been wonderful and uplifting. I love the talks and listening to the encouraging spirit filled words of the Prophet ad Apostles. I hope and pray that my 3 sweet boys will be blessed with testimonies, and strength to follow the words that are spoken,as I know that they will bring them so much joy and happiness.

This last month, I have been doing a fitness challenge. It has been brutal, but I am trying to shed some of my extra Fletcher weight. Holy, is the struggle ever real. The challenge is 3 months, so I am hoping to stay the course and get a bit healthier!

Little Fletchy Fox is just a walking machine. He has really found his legs and it is so stinking cute watching him navigate around. He has been such a little ham lately. He is so funny,loves to laugh and play with his brothers. What a happy boy he is!

Fletcher loves to throw his food off of his highchair, then he laughs and laughs.
A new favorite passion of his is also to take all of the wet wipes out of the case and throw them all over. He is such a stinker!

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