Sunday, August 12, 2012

Out as long as he was In

My little Machy baby is 9 months old. I kind of want so sob and press pause, but at the same time  many of the things I am loving so much about my sweet baby are 9 month markers. For example little Machy is just crawling around opening cupboard doors right now saying Dat, Datta. He is so proud of himself, and it is about the cutest thing ever to watch and listen to him discovering his sweet tender voice. Our perfect baby still loves snuggles, and he LOVES to lay his head on Daddy's shoulder and pinch his skin. We can hardly handle ourselves when little Mach smiles at is with his big gappy smile and huge eyes. He is seriously such a delight. He is happy from sun up to sun down. One thing that Shane and I think is so funny is how much Cooper loves his bed. When we bring him into his room he starts to hyperventilate because he is so excited to go to sleep in his crib. He likes to sleep on his tummy, and when we place him in his crib he dives into the blankets and immediately falls asleep. It really is soooooooo cute. We are especially noticing his love for his crib now that we are home from our little vacation. Coops did not like to sleep in his playpen. Little guy has thrush and a bad diaper rash right now, but he is still calm and peaceful. He doesn't complain, unless he wants more food. Such a blessing he is to our little family!

Next on to my big boy Hudson. I feel so bad for my little guy right now. He is suffering from Hand Foot and Mouth Disease. It is a viral infection that is currently causing his mouth to be filled with open sores. Poor little guy can't eat anything and he has a headache and fever and is just miserable. He has just recovered from an ear infection and to say Hudson doesn't handle pain well, is a huge understatement. Hudson is well known already for his antics. He will cry out in agony saying things like "I can't take it anymore", or "I am dying" or "It is killing me." Part of me wants to run to him and cradle him like a baby and another part of me wants to laugh hysterically. It is really fun having Hudson be able to express himself so well. Hudson is also becoming more acutely aware of gender differences. He will say things like, "Oh Mom, the pink one is for you, it is a girl one, and the blue one is a boy one"... or "Give said the little stream is a Daddy song, and Families can be together forever is a Mommy song"-not too sure why he thinks that, probably because that is what each of us sings to him at bedtime. Hudson still loves his Dora, and being that we have over 60 of them PVR'd and sadly he has most of them memorized he asks daily for specif episodes. He will say "Momma I want the one with the gooey geiser, where Benny gets stuck in his balloon ect ect ect. Keeping him watching the episode that he wants is like having a full time job! ha! We had fun with Hudson on our trip. He played so well with Jaxen, Sadie and Rex, but did complain many times that he just wanted to go back to our home. He was cute one night in Kalispell crying that he missed his backyard with it's trampoline and balls. Hudson likes his routine, and he loves being home with his Mama. Hudson also LOVES to go and play at the park. Shane and I try to take him out a few times a week to different parks. He runs around and has the best time. Hudson has also started to take interest in his little bike. We have taken him out on his little pedaless bike and he just runs around on it. I am just so proud of him and I am so glad he is my boy.

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