Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Canola Feilds

Since Shane has this week off,  I figured I would take advantage of his availability and go out and take pictures of our boys.
For a long time I have loved pictures of people in canola fields! I think the yellow is so pretty. Now let it be stated. I am not a photographer, not even a hobby photographer, and I don't know how to edit photos.I have a Canon Rebel, and always take pictures on Auto.
I just was not sure when the canola got harvested so I figured I would go now and do my best and try to get some pictures of our boys.
I took about 150, and 3 or 4 look cute...hahaha.

 There they are! Some cute ones:) I didn't plan on the matchy matchy green shirts either but Hudson had a hissy fit just as we were leaving and wanted to wear his new green shirt-heehee. The canola field was just right up the road off 17th street and the Henday and we just brought our kitchen chair and a little rocking chair Shane's Grandpa made for us. Be warned, if you are wanting simular pictures in Edmonton, BRING BUG SPRAY! My poor kids were being eaten alive!

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