Monday, July 30, 2012

Our little trip

We are home. We just went on a little trip with our guys and had such a great time. With a 9 month old and 3.5 year old we had to plan our trip according to what they could handle, and I think we were pretty successful.
Here is what we did.
Last December we said goodbye to some of the best friends we have ever known. The Depews moved from Edmonton then spent the last few months in Arizona, and recently moved back to Canada living in Raymond. We decided to go and spend a few days visiting them, then drive through Logan's pass to Kalispell and then come back to southern Alberta for Magrath Days.
It was so great to see our friends. Every once in a while you have the privileged of having friends who are more like family. This is how the Depews are. Cooper and Bronson were born just 1day apart and they were the CUTEST to watch play and crawl around together. Either I was feeling insane or they were just tugging at my heart strings, but momentarily I watched them and thought how fun it would be to have little twins.
The cutest little buds getting their morning baths!

Adorable little bums!
Bronson and Cooper just hanging out!

Hudson loved playing with Jaxen, Rex and Sadie, and Shane and I loved visiting with their parents. The kids played outside climbing the apple tree, spraying each other with the hose and pulling veggies from the garden(even if they were not supposed to). We were able to take Hudson to  their farm(his first experience with a farm) and he even got to feed the horses and stand on a hay bail:)
Hudson making his Dad proud! He would have been a good little farm boy:)
Jesse showing Hudson how to feed the horsee! Made Hudson's day!!

The cutest picture ever, of Jaxen and Rex! They are such nice boys!

On Monday we got up and drove down to Kalispell. We drove through the Logan's pass and it was INCREDIBLE. It really was breathtaking. Maybe my favorite part of the entire trip. I loved it, but poor Hudson was pretty scared and kept telling us that the mountains were hurting his feelings. We made sure to try and keep it fun honking and screaming as we drove through the mountain tunnels.
Driving on the Pass, with Mountain run off spraying us.
One of many beautiful lookouts on the pass.
A little family photo, taken by another sweet driver while we were waiting for construction crews.

In Kalipsell we hit up a lot of parks, and we found a great outdoor pool with a spray area, lazy river and some waterslides.We had to put Hudson in a lifejacket for the lazy river, and Shane said his favorite part of the trip was watching Hudson gain confidence in the water and have fun kicking and "swimming" around.
In the lazy river with the boys. They looked so cute with their little life jackets on.

Random picture, I know, but I think EVERY change room should have these seats! Genius!

 When Shane was young he went to the Hungry Horse Dam, and he loved it, so we took a trip just outside the city and went there too. It was beautiful and a really neat thing for Hudson to see.  The surroundings were so picturesque, too bad my camera battery died and all of our trip photos were taken with my iPhone. Seriously so many pictures:)
Trying to get a pic of Hudson in his new Angry Birds shirt. My Dad has always told us that he thinks Hudson looks like an Angry Bird-ha!

Cute Happy boys!
A rare Mama shot!

Hudson could have done this for hours!! He loves to throw rocks!


Such beautiful scenery, and such a cutie boy! I couldn't resist adding all of these photos!

I love him!
A view of the Dam
Being that we were in the States, we hit up target a couple times and did as little bit of other shopping.Randomly we even saw Jeff and Jessica at the target-ha! I loved being able to spend time just the 4 of us and be a family.We were so lucky, and had PERFECT weather the whole time.On Thursday afternoon we went back to Raymond and had more fun! Jesse and Shane took the kids tubing and out for a boat ride(Hudson hated it-actually Rex was the only one who liked it), and Serena and I were able to go to Lethbridge shopping. Saturday we met up with one of our other friends, Jessica Leishman and her adorable kids, Benson, Lucy and Sophie and we all went to the Magrath Parade.  The kids all played and collected candy. Shane was the unofficial candy rationer at the parade-making sure all of the kids got lots of treats. Then we went to Grandma Jan's for a BBQ, and then enjoyed the other Magrath Days festivities. Hudson was being a total pill.  I majorly broke my diet and got an elephant ear and we got to see some old friends(the Sala's) and other people we hadn't seen in a long time. It was great. Now that we are home, I am soooo glad that we planned this little trip and were able to go. So many cute memories. I sure do love my little family and I feel so blessed that we are able to take the time and be together!
I sure miss these guys! Rex and Lucy! Such sweethearts!
Everyone awaiting the parade! I asked Benson to give me his biggest smile ever! He sure delivered!

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