Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Annnnd YELLOW it is!

A while back I decided my little abode needed a bit of color. I love the trend of aqua and yellow, but with my wall color and sectional color I couldn't really make it work. I found an adorable rug at target and even bought it and had it shipped to my friend who was living in the States, but realized the aqua was what was not really working. I decided to keep the yellow and add a bit of grey. I like to switch things up pretty often around here, but I never like spending much money to do it. I knew that by adding a bit more grey and yellow I could keep costs low and it would give me the change that I needed.

So here is what I did!

I bought some awesome fabric from It is Joel Dewberry fabric and it only cost less than 9 bucks a yard. I made some super easy curtains(I just lined the curtains with some sheets I bought at X/S Cargo for 10 bucks). All in, the curtains cost maybe 40 bucks. I also hung them a bit higher on the wall.

I also made some easy envelope pillow covers(like seen in this post) for the room and then busted out some wonderful spray paint for a couple of things to add some pops of yellow. I also hung up a magnet board that I made a while back that was sitting around that I made out of an old mirror frame and a piece of sheet metal.

I found some new bar stools on Kijiji for 40 bucks(I wanted wood-Hudson had "forked" the leather ones) and spray painted them white, and lastly I put new paper on the back of my hutch to go with the rest of the room. I am so happy with the change already, but now I just need to figure out the right colors of paint for the walls. I am thinking a pale grey and a charcoal grey accent wall. We will see if it ever happens. Projects around here get started a lot, but it is not always easy finding time to finish them.

Here are a few pics. All of the changes maybe cost a hundred bucks.

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  1. I am doing yellow and grey too! So thanks for the good ideas. I painted our walls a light grey. I used cinder by Ben Moore and it turned out nice. I am jealous of your great decorating!