Thursday, July 12, 2012

July Heatwave!

Just thought I would jot down a couple thoughts tonight because when I am writing posts, I often have a minute to reflect, and those reflections*usually make me feel very blessed. Today was a BAD day(we have 4 little infected ears). I will just leave it at that.

Earlier in July(Canada Day weekend), we went up to Slave Lake and visited our family. We had so much fun. My parents new house is beautiful and our next door neighbors, the Loves were just moving into their new house too, making the visit that much better. Jodie and her kids came from Grande Prairie, which seriously added to the fun. As an adult I have never fully appreciated the park across the street from my parents house, but that quickly changed as I watched Hudson play there for hours with his cousins. We were able to go to the beach and play, and Hudsy even got his first boat ride, and tube ride. Shane got to go out and spend a morning fishing with my Dad, and nephew Cody and his friend "Dillard". Rudi's house is now under construction, so we took tours of it's progress, we ate, visited, laughed and enjoyed some great weather.

I love EVERYTHING about this photo!I can't believe it is from an Iphone. Everyone was working hard digging a hole and filling it with water.


The perfect day at Devonshire Beach.

Edmonton is notorious for having crappy summers. Last year it was mosquitos, the year prior, rain, and so on and so forth. This year however, we are having an incredible summer weather wise.(I write this as, a lot of my friends basements are flooded from the hail storm we had last night-oops)
We usually don't see many above 30 degree Celsius days, but we have had over as week of them here, and it looks like more to come. I LOVE IT. We don't have AC, but we do have sprinklers, outdoor pools, spray parks, playgrounds,  and best of all slip n slides. All of these things mentioned are useless on a 20 degree day, so while it has been HOT we have been trying to take full advantage.

Some of the funnest times our backyard has seen! Busting out our homemade slip n slide for Family Home Evening! We posted it on facebook and had lots of people show up for a perfect night!

Enjoying the heat. 36oC with humid-ex. Hudson kindly gave Cooper some balls for his pool-ha!
Getting a cool down spray from Dad

I would have to say that this summer has been pretty awesome so far. I feel so lucky to be home with my boys enjoying it.
Lots of outside, lots of popsicles and freezees, and lots of family time. I sure hope the rest of the summer can live up to the last three weeks!!

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