Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Our little boys

What a crazy month it has been. My little bebes are changing so much! Each day they progress and develop, and it is so fun to watch, but really difficult to document. I can write blog posts, take pictures and videos, but somehow I feel like it is hard to really express my pride and love for these guys. When they do something for the first time, or learn a new skill, it really makes my day!
So that being said, we have had a very exciting month around here. (I have had this post as a draft for weeks, but I never seem to manage to finish anything-so I figure better late than never)

Hudson first this time. I remember my sisters and other friends telling me about the questions phase and thinking it was funny. Hudson is there right now and yes, it can be a tad annoying, but it really is hilarious to watch his little mind race. He asks (for the most part) awesome thoughtful questions. Mom what is jealous? What is a shenanigan?ect.ect. He is really fun to talk to. He has always been the type of kid that tells both Shane and I twenty times a day that he loves us so much, but the past couple days be has added, "Mom, your so beautiful" too. Love it, esp when I am covered in spit up and not wearing a bra! Hudson has become a lot more independent, wanting to dress himself(always in jammies and backward gaunchies) and even say his own prayers! Each night we get a good laugh as he prays to get ice cream, go on quad rides, watch movies, and that his little brother won't cry. It has become one of my favorite things, as I know he will come up with something funny every night. Hudson has been enjoying quite the social life lately hanging out with lots of buddies. He has two pals Landon and Parker, who he LOVES to play with, especially outside on the hill in our back yard.
Hudson and Cooper's friends, the Kutanzi's(Landon, Parker and Ashlyn)
 Even more than usual, I need to watch what and how I say things and be careful of my little parrot. He hears EVERYTHING. Yesterday at Home Depot, he told the worker that he was driving him crazy because he was taking so long cutting our chain. Hudson is proving to be very outgoing and has no inhibitions regarding talking to strangers. We are trying to help him with manners and descriptive words as he thinks it appropriate to call out to people based on their gender, size or color of clothing. For example he wanted to talk to a boy at the park wearing a black shirt the other day, so he chased him around screaming "black boy" come here.Yikes!Yesterday he mastered "Excuse me Mam" while we were at Winners, it was pretty cute.

Hudson and Coops at Home Depot right after her told off the nice worker.
On to Machy! 8 freakin Months!!!!! How???
With this little guy it is a bit easier to document his changes, as they have a bit less to do with personality, and a bit more to do with activities of daily living ADL's -A shout out to my OT husband). Mach, is definitely on the move. He stands and walks a long furniture and although he is pretty quiet, he is snoopy and manages to always keep up with Hudson and I. With Cooper on the move I often find him already "getting into things". We keep all of our games and craft supplies in our hutch, and Coops can open the doors, making it a favorite pastime  to empty. He is also discovering the cuisine of plant dirt. Not cool son, not cool!
Enjoying a tasty treat!
A couple of weeks ago when Shane went to get Mach out of bed he was standing in his crib. I am not too sure what it is about him standing there that made him seem so big, but I was definitely sad about it.
Hudson entertaining his brother with a good morning naked dance! 

 I just LOVE babies, and these guys grow up so fast! Little guy has really taken to a schedule lately and consistently sleeps through the nigh(hooray), but is now thinking that it is appropriate to be wide awake and giddy at 5-5:30 am. I am desperately trying to break him  of this, as I am NOT a morning person! Machy has been loving to be outside and just crawl on the grass. Most babies don't like the grass,but he really likes it. Coops has  also been teething a lot, and is up to 5 teeth. I didn't think this I could love our little guy anymore than I did, but now that he is sporting his two buck teeth with a huge gap between them, I do! His smile with his teeth is ADORABLE!
Look at this gappy tooth smile! He is so proud to be standing up!
In the past couple of days I have been learning a bit about Coop's personality. He is a a lot more sensitive than his brother and it appears that he gets scared a lot easier too. The past couple times I had the water running in the bath, or turned on the vacuum or even just flushed the toilet in his presence, he has freaked. He cries and tries to get outta dodge! It is a bit funny, and so cute. As soon as the noise is gone he is okay. He is still a very quiet guy. We went home for the long weekend when we arrived it was way past Cooper's bedtime. Everyone wanted to hold him, and he was feeling nervous. He was trying so hard to be brave and not cry, but he had a quivery pout lip. He never cried, but he just wanted his Mama. He really is such a doll!!Hudson still seems to be the only person who can consistently get giggles out of Cooper. He LOVES his brother!
At Jackie Parker Park-enjoying the warm weather and green grass!
Quickly an update on moi. Only for the purposes of recording my weigh loss. I must say one of the biggest challenges of dieting and exercising, is making the time. It is so easy to just snack all day and eat crap. It is so quick! It is also really nice after a long day to lay on the couch and veg rather than do my cardio, but I am still plugging away and noticing results. I checked in a couple weeks ago with Lisa and I was down 13 inches overall, and at my two month mark I was down 11 lbs. By three months I really want to be under 155lbs. I just need to stay focused and remember I was 220 when I went in to deliver Cooper. I will do a proper post about my clean eating in a couple weeks.
A swimsuit shot-ahhhh(me and Mach at the Queen E pool)
Phew I think that catches me up for now:)

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