Saturday, August 2, 2014

Fletcher's Blessing

 I so wish that I could sit down everyday and blog about all of the fun things we are doing and hilarious things my kids do, but it seems to just never happen. I am hoping to do an epic catch up post one of these days, but for now I will blog my sweet baby's blessing.

Fletch was blessed in church about 2 weeks ago. So many people came for his special day, we felt so supported and loved.
Grandma Jan, Grandpa Pete, Papa and Gram, Auntie Rudi, Auntie Jodie, Cody, Cass and Camille, Auntie Leanne, Griff, Kenn and Porter, Aunt Cherie and Uncle Clint, their kids, Jeff and Jessica and their kids, and Joel and Amy and their family all attended.
Our little guy sure is loved.
Shane blessed our baby, but both Grandpa's, Uncle Clint, and Jeff, Cody, Vance Siakuluk, and Jason Harvey assisted in the circle.
As Fletcher's blessing was given I remember feeling that this sweet baby had a hard job ahead of him, as Shane spoke of all of the troubles in the world.  Fletcher was blessed to be a choice person among these challenges.
He was blessed to grow in strength and body, mind and spirit.
Fletchy in his sweet blessing outfit
He was blessed to live a Christ-like life and have an appreciation for this life and the blessings of the gospel.
He was told he would be an example to his brothers and that they would look to him for advice. He was also told he would be blessed with a love for the scriptures and that he would find guidance and strength in them. He was told he would have the ability to follow his righteous leaders and have a testimony of the gospel. Shane did a great job pronouncing the blessing and Fletchy was calm and adorable.

Before Church-Note: First (and prob last) time we ever made it to 9:00 church on time:)

Afterwards we had a wonderful lunch and all of the family came. The day was PERFECT. It was relaxing and calm, with perfect weather and a slight breeze. Everyone stayed long and just had great visits. The kids LOVED having all of their cousins there!!! It was one of those once in a million type days where everything just works out perfectly.

We Love our Fletcher, and are just so thankful for the miracle that he is:)

Grandpa Pete and Coopy

2 beauties, inside and out

Grandma Jan enjoying snuggles

Hudson and his sweet cousins Camille, Kennedy and Hannah- Good Grief I love Hudson

My Mom  and all of my sisters

Joel, Jacob, Shane and Jarom enjoying some lunch

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