Sunday, December 25, 2016

Our October

I know I will appreciate the efforts of this blog one day. I am pretty obsessed with my family, so one day I will be glad I tool the time to document our activities.

At the end of October our Sweet Coopy Mc Coopterton turned 4. Can I jut say that there are few things in this world as wonderful as 4 year old boys. I love this age so much! They are still little and love their Mamas, but they can do a lot by themselves.

In the past sadly Cooper's birthday has been a bit overlooked. Cassidy was staying here with us, so we both did our best to make Cooper feel very special for his big day.
Cassidy was a super hero with her balloon pumping skills. We decorated the main floor featuring a balloon waterfall:)
Cooper of course, was so thrilled and was excited to let everyone know it was his big day. If you asked him how old he was you would never get the right age(were still working on that) but he was darling, and sweet and most importantly he felt important.
Coopers party was not for a couple days, which was hard for him to understand, so we did our best to let him do whatever he wanted to make up for it.
We took Cooper to dollarama, and then to an indoor playground. He was thankful and happy. He really is such an amazing little boy. Cliche as it is, I dont know what I would do without him. He helps balance Hudson and is just so dang sweet. Lots of hugs and kisses, snuggles and I love yous!

On the 25th, we had Coopers little pals over for the cutest little boy birthday party ever.
I invited the kids to wear their costumes so they all arrived dressed so cute. When the first kids arrived they had a little dance party with some balloons, and kept me and Cass laughing.

Keeping a bunch of 4 year olds busy proved to be quite the task. We played hot potato, pin the tail on the donkey, opened gifts, ate cupcakes, and then thankfully the kids went out to the trampoline and played in the yard on the hill.

One of the kids asked if they could play balloon stomp, so it was great. The kids took care of helping us pop all of the balloons for clean up.

I think the party was a success, and Cooper loved being the star.

This little sweetheart has been the biggest blessing to our family and we love him so very much! Thank you for being such a wonderful son!!!

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