Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter 2012

Shane and I decided to go up to Slave Lake with our boys for Easter! I am so glad we did! We had our first sleepover at Grandma's house and got to play with our cousins!

The trip was almost cancelled due to a spring snow storm(can I just say I am DONE with these surprise snowstorms?)

Good Friday we drove up and came home Sunday afternoon. It was a quick and fun trip. My parents house was still a bit in shambles as their kitchen counter tops, back splash and sink were all not installed. This left my poor Mom doing all of our dishes in the bathroom. Also, most of the basement is finished, but the carpet was not in, so that space was not really usable. Other than that, the house is beautiful!

Hudson's reaction was pretty cute when he came in, he said"this is magical."

Shane took Hudson to a lame egg hunt(which was already over when they arrived), and then was able to go out to work with my Dad and spend some time with him on Saturday.
Saturday evening Aunt Leanne and Porter helped Hudson dye eggs, and get some snacks ready for the Easter Bunny.

Aunt Rudi saved the day by picking up Elefun in Edmonton for Hudson. Elefun (a fun kids game H is obsessed with) was promised to Hudson by Dad for filling up his potty chart. We hadn't been able to find it so we were feeling pretty bad! Thanks Ruds!

Sunday morning we were up early, and Hudson pounded half of his chocolate in just a few minutes! Then we played Elefun and headed to church.
 As always, spending time with family is what is the most fun about going home.
 Happy Easter Everyone!

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  1. and in case anyone is wondering, YES Rudi's dog is wearing a sleeper!hahaha