Friday, April 27, 2012

Mommy Perks

Prior to having kids, I  would tend to go back and forth on what the big deal of having them really was.You hear the terrible graphic birthing stories, I have yet to see a pregnant woman who looks comfortable, and then there are the colic babies. On the other hand, you see tender moments with parents and kids, and who doesn't love snuggling a peaceful sleeping baby.

I now know that yes there are the really tough times, and kids do make you infinitely more vulnerable to the world and it's heartaches, but daily, even hourly you get Mommy perks.

Here are a few of the perks I have currently enjoyed.

Last night when I got home from Young Womens,  Hudson(who had snuck out from his bedroom) lept down the stairs announcing his love for me. It was true and uninhibited. I felt his love so much! Then he told me "I am so glad your home" and begged me to snuggle him to sleep. I got to cuddle with a charming little 3 year old and literally feel the grace of God right in my arms. I am so thankful I have been privileged to have this experience.

Here is another perk. The other night(in the middle of the night) Cooper woke up and was screaming. I am doing a new diet and I am incredibly tired from it. I let poor Coops cry for a bit then mustered up the strength to go and get my boy. He was crying pretty hard, but the minute I entered his room and said his name he stopped crying. He did not cry again. He knew his Mama was there to take care of him. I was a bit stunned that just the sound of my voice would comfort, my then hysterical, baby. That experience made me feel so important and loved. Many people do not have experiences that allow them to feel so important, so I am so thankful for that sweet reminder!

Here is one more. Today after talking with a friend who related their experience having their premature daughter, I was a bit overwhelmed with some sadness that  my little daughter didn't get to live. I started to cry and somehow Hudson knew immediately why. He said" you sad because you miss Piper?"I told him I was, to which he responded with a hug(complete with pats on the back). Then this wise little boy told me it was okay, as Piper was with Jesus. (cute sidenote-he told me," I know, the temple is far away-that is where Jesus lives with Piper right?") He was confident and caring. I know in so many ways he is the teacher and I am supposed to be the student.

I guess these types of experiences are what makes having kids such a big deal! I am so thankful for all of my Mommy perks!


  1. Linds that one made me cry!! What a great post! Maybe I'll be more grateful today!

  2. You have the cutest and sweetest little boys. I LOVED this post. Thanks for letting me see into what it will be like to be a mom. :D

  3. Shed a few years on that one. Beautiful words. Being a mommy is so hard sometimes but there is really nothing that can bring you as much joy. Great post. I also meant to comment on your bathroom post but you posted too many after so I figured you wouldn't see.....but just thought I would let you know that I LOVE it!! You did such a good job!