Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring Color

My love all started with one can. I have been addicted for years. I love spray paint!

I decided because it is spring, we needed a little bit of color around here. I jumped on the aqua and yellow bandwagon and got to work spraying.
I love how quick, cheap and easy spray painting is!Did you know that newer spray paints dry in ten minutes?  How awesome is that! There are tonnes of tips and tutorials out there regarding techniques for spray painting ( I am sure they are helpful) but I think it is pretty simple, so none will be included here:)
Just lay out your piece and spray!

I snagged this cute highchair from Kijiji and I was happy keeping it white, but I knew it would be a perfect piece to add some color to my neutraliffic home .(I am a LOVER of neutrals!-guaranteed this bad boy will be white, grey or some other neutral in a few months-haha)



                              Here are a couple other things that got sprayed!                                                                        
I sprayed the tray and candle holders

Here are a couple other easy, cheap and NON PERMANENT pops of color!
                                         Double sided tape and scrapbooking paper to the back of my hutch. Easy and effective and super quick to change.
I used craft paint on the star(Walmart), and I added dollar store yellow flowers to brighten up our living room.

For some reason I love changing things up. I wish I didn't feel the need for change so often but, these were some pretty cheap and easy ways to SPRING things up around here.

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  1. Lindsey when are you going to come decorate my house? Everything looks super cute.