Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Hudson Update

Okay, so this post is old in my mind. Every day I keep thinking to myself  I need to write this stuff down. Hudson has been changing and growing up so much lately. Cooper too. I feel like they are growing up so quickly. It panics me sometimes that I am not documenting enough of it.

Hudson lately has become so independent. He no longer wants any help with anything. He thinks he can do it all. Each morning Hudson gets up and gets himself all dressed and beams with pride. Then he goes into the bathroom and brushes his teeth. I am so proud of him too. The only problem I have with either of these things is that Hudson usually will want to change his outfit 5-6 times a day and it the same with brushing his teeth.(he is in love with bubblegum flavored toothpaste) Hudson is an emotional dresser. He carefully chooses his outfits and watch out if something he wants to wear is in the laundry! Generally he "picks" pajamas. He gets out of one pair, only to change into another.

As Hudson gets older, he is responding to discipline better-hallelujah! He is more obedient and responsible. I love that he is reasonable. He has become very thoughtful and poignant. His questions to Shane and I are hilarious. Lately Hudson has been informing me that he loves my husband. Any time I ask him if he would like something, he will respond with "don't mind if I do."Another favorite is "Are you kidding me?" If Hudson wants to show me something, it is always"Check this out Mom." My little sweetie keeps us laughing all day long. In fact Hudson is very concerned with keeping us laughing. He often asks"was that funny Mom?"

Since a lot of our best friends have moved away, Hudson has not had quite the social life that he used to. Right now one of his best friends is Valentina Molina, his babysitters daughter. They are funny together. Hudson has not ever had such a strong willed friend before. It is great for him. Hudson's other great friends are Parker and Landon Kutanzi. The other day his pals came over and  Landon and Hudson embarked upon the adventure of sledding down our back yard hill. They were so so cute. It took them a couple tries, but when they finally figured it out. I have never seen Hudson beam with more pride. It really was adorable!

Another thing that Hudson is loving so much right now is computer and video games.(Oi- I know hey? three years old and already addicted-yikes) Hudson loves "the tractor game"- a playstation game that he plays with his Dad, and some other games on nickjr.com. It is crazy how good he is at the games. He really gets it. It is something he is only allowed to do when Cooper naps, as Cooper goes crazy trying to get to my laptop.
I love sitting with Hudson, watching him get SO SO excited when he achieves whatever the game needs him to do.

Lastly, Pandora. What can I even say about Hudson and HIS cat Pandora. Hudson(and Cooper) are both so enthralled with Pandora. They are actually obsessed.  Hudson would drop anything for the chance to pet his kitty. He tells everyone about his cat. He knows all of her hiding places, and finds her any chance he can. He is so careful and gentle of her. He gets so mad at Cooper when he is around, as Pandora is very skiddish and often gets scared off by Coops.

I am so in love with Hudson right now. He is just the best kid. He is a bit rough with his little brother, but loves him so much. He tells me all of the time that he loves Cooperbear, and is so happy that he is in our family. When I think of my two sweet boys, my heart is truly FILLED with joy!

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