Tuesday, January 8, 2013


I love my kids. It is so unreal to me that Hudson "graduating" from Nursery to Primary can be the highlight of my week! I have to say yesterday was SOOOOO cute. For the past week I have been doing my best to prepare Hudson for the change that he would experience at church this week, and he has not been very excited about it. I have been telling him about his teacher Sister Borstad, and trying to help him get used to the idea. In our church the children switch classes each January. From the age of 18 months the kids are in nursery, then the first January that they are three, they get to go to primary. Hudson has been three for a while, but is just now moving up. I was so proud of Hudson(which is so funny to me because I am not too sure why). He put on a brave face and went to primary, even though he did not want to. The awesome nursery teachers gave each of the kids a graduation certificate and a little beanie bear and then they all walked down to the primary room with their new teacher. It really was so cute. I just can't believe him and the other kids are already at this point in their little lives.

Hudson with Sister Borstad , Madeline and David. The only one who looks excited is David-haha.

The primary teachers and primary president were all so kind. Hudson was not very impressed, but his teacher kindly held his hand down the hall to the primary room. It was so sweet, all of the other junior primary kids were singing "Jesus wants me as a sunbeam" when all of the new sunbeams walked into the room. The Primary then sang them a welcome song, that included each of the new children's names. The other children all stood at the front while Hudson refused and glared from his chair.
At the end of church, I went to pick Hudson up from his class. His wonderful teacher was so great. She kindly told me that Hudson did good. She said that he was not a huge fan of singing time because it was too loud, and that he hid inside the pulpit a couple times, but promptly returned to his chair when he was asked(thank goodness).

The theme for this year in Primary is "I am a Child of God". When I picked up Hudson he had a cute frame with the theme in it ready for his bedroom.  I have to say that I felt overwhelmed with gratitude that so many people take time from their busy lives to help me and my little boy learn such important truths. I am so thankful I am not alone in teaching my children.
Although Hudson started off grumpy, he sure did not end that way. I think it is safe to say that he already LOVES his teacher, and loves being a sunbeam.

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