Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Etsy, Nesting and Easter

So I will attempt to do a quick general update on our "happenings" over the past month and a half.

So my etsy shop hit critical mass. Shane and I have been so so so busy keeping it a float. It has been a blessing and a curse. I wish there was a better way to regulate how much I sell. In one month we had over 400+ sales. That is a lot of sewing for one tired Mama. I have my shop essentially on vacay mode right now just trying to catch up and get ready for the baby.

There were still 62 orders left pending when these went out. CRAZY!
With the little guy coming, we have had to do a bunch of nesting to get ready. We moved Cooper into Hudson's room(with unbelievable success). Cooper had still been sleeping in his crib, but thankfully since the bunk bed we got is quite high off the ground and we have a bed rail up, Cooper stays in his big boy bed. I really was not sure how it would all pan out, but it has been better than I expected.  I will share a photo of the boys room when it is all done- it is the one room we did not manage to get painted)

We got some new furniture for the nursery, and I have fabric to make some bedding, so hopefully I will be able to get it done before he comes.Shane has been super busy with all of my honey do list items, and has been building furniture like a mad man. I was going to do a full redo of the room, but I just don't have it in me. I found an amazing tutorial on Pinterest to make some minky soft crib sheets for the crib mattress, and they turned out AMAZING. I always wanted to make them for Cooper, but didn't get them done. I LOVE soft fabric for babies, so I am glad the little guy will have a soft crib (sorry Cooper).

On to our room. I did a really crappy paint job a couple years ago, and decided I needed a wardrobe for my clothes. It really really was not working. I have hated the layout and furniture in my room for so long, but thankfully we have now fixed it. We are planning on moving, but we feel like we need to wait until the massive renos are done at our condo and sell it before we move. I decided if we are staying here for another year, we all need more storage, and better beds. That included us this time-yay. I got rid of the over sized under functioning wardrobe, and got two dressers, that give me way more space and storage. We got rid of our Cal King bed, which I did not even know was such a crappy bed until we got our new king bed. The layout of our room works so much better now. Shane fixed our headboard and lowered it so we can see out the window in our room in it's new location, and Jodie and Serena came and painted the whole room for me doing a complete and great job. It is so so so so much better. I am just waiting on a couple last details and it will be complete.

We have been working our little butts off to get everything done before the baby comes. I hope we can finish!!

Hudson and Cooper have been seriously amazing the past little while. They are hilarious. They have really become close and listening to them talk together is so fun. As the weather has been better they have loved playing outside together. Cooper insists on calling Hudson Huds which totally cracks me up. They are just the best. We really are ready for spring, park visits, walks, bike rides, and the baby to be here.

 While the boys were gone to Jodie's we had general conference. It was such a different experience not having kids around to distract us. The messages were amazing. Again, I am just so so thankful that we have continuing revelation and that we are able to have our prophet and apostles speak to us regarding today's issues. I am sure it will be many years before we get to listen to all of conference without kids:)

 This last Sunday was Easter Sunday. We had a very low key weekend. It was great. On Sunday we were blessed to have an apostle, Elder Christofferson come and speak to us. It was really special. The talks at the conference were great. At then end, he invited all of the children to come and shake his hand. Hudson was pretty excited and told him to say hi to President Monson.

This past week our family also had some really exciting news. Cody(my oldest nephew) got his mission call. He is just the best kid ever, and I am so so proud of him. He will be serving in the Santa Rosa California Mission, but does not leave until September 17th. I am so excited for him, as I LOVED my experience as a missionary, and I know he will benefit from it as well. I just love him:) We all got to listen on the phone as Cody read his call. I think it made an impact on Hudson, and I am so glad he has such a great role model in his life.

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