Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Pregnancy Update

DISCLAIMER:If you like being pregnant or are sensitive about pregnancy, don't bother reading this.

33 weeks

I am 36 weeks and miserable! For real. The way I feel right now is the reason I HATE being pregnant. I have major insomnia, heartburn, and the pressure in my pelvic area makes me look like I have 2 broken hips when I walk, my hands are swollen and ache, I am itchy ect ect. I have learned that Pregnancy is not equal among women, and for me it just plain stinks. Good thing I only have a month left.

A few weeks ago I started leaking amnoiotic fluid which has resulted in me having A LOT of Doctors appts. I go for a non stress test at the hospital every week as well as an ultrasound every other week, and now I see my Doctor every week as well. It has just been so busy!

My outie! No more room!!

I have been so blessed to have angel sisters who have literally saved my bacon!
Leanne came to Edmonton and brought the boys to Slave Lake for a few days, then Cassidy came to Edmonton with the boys and helped me out. When Jodie came to pick up Cassidy she brought the boys up to Grande Praire with her. A few days later she came back, and stayed for a few days and literaly painted my whole house. UNREAL. (more about that later:)

So far, I still have enough fluid, and everything is okay with the little guy. He is so so so active, and kicks non stop. I had an ultrasound this week, which was super cute. I got a 3D picture of him and the tech even got a crazy video of him peeing. The US techs told me that the baby already weighs 6'11. I almost died. She said there is still lots of room for him to grow(I wanted to faint).

Mr. Chunky
I as usual am huge and having a hard time moving around. I feel so bad for my kids, they are so neglected. They still try to climb all over me, and just don't understand how dang sore I am. My back is always sore. On a typical day I take 3 baths. I bought a snoogle pillow to help me get more comfortable in my bed, and it has helped a bit, but really, I still don't ever fall asleep.

35 weeks(a rare smile)
Well that is enough whining. Hopefully next time I am "updating on the baby" he is on my arms instead of pressing on my pelvis:)


  1. Linds that is awful. I am so glad you have sisters to help you out but if you need anything phone!!!! Praying for an early delivery for your sake.

  2. How is it possible that you still have skinny little ankles and boney feet, mine get super swollen by that point??? You are so close to being done, then hopefully you get to have an easy recovery, I'm with you, growing babies is hard (sometimes sucky) work!