Thursday, May 24, 2012

Our Long Weekend

I loooooove long weekends. If I had it my way I would have Shane working 10 hour days and have a long weekend every week! It is just so much fun to spend some extra time as a family(these guys really are my best friends). Until a few months ago Shane worked part time (every Sat.) and now that he doesn't I am addicted to our weekends!

This past weekend happened to be a long weekend. On Monday we had our cousins come over for a little BBQ and it was so fun. Hudson is obsessed with his cousins, and it was great to see baby Jade.
We were blessed with great weather and the kids just ran and played. It was so much fun!!!
Some pictures of our long weekend festivities, including an awesome bike ride with Dad, and getting to play "throw the cat" with Uncle Joel!

Hudson and Lincoln

Now onto some updates, Mr. Machy is now 7 months old and fully mobile. Tonight he even managed to make his way down the stairs(*meaning I left the door open and he tumbled down the wood stairs-oops). I can't believe what a little mover this guy is. He will NOT sit still to let us change his diaper and I had to take him out of sacrament meeting at church already because he won't sit. What happened to my little baby? Poor little Mach has had a bad cold, for what seems like forever, and has a terrible diaper rash(because I am pretty sure he is getting his front teeth). The past couple weeks have been hard for our poor guy.
Poor sick baby Machy, getting some extra snuggles from Dad.

Hudson has just realized he loves to paint. It has been a bit rainy the past couple days, and H will just sit at the table and paint for a long time(which is a bit of a miracle). It is cute to see his art. He also loves to glue pompoms and craft supplies to paper. He enjoys his "art "time a lot. He is also interacting more and more with his little brother. Tonight when Huds and I realized Cooper went down the stairs, Hudson started bawling. He was hysterical. Later he came and sat beside me and told me that he loved Cooper and didn't want him to fall down the stairs again and go to heaven. I just want them to be pals so bad so it make me so happy to hear that, especially since most of the time Hudson is complaining that Cooper is in his ears(translation-his crying is annoying Hudson).
Hudson "loving" his brother-What's not to love about a brother THIS easy going?

Now onto me. It has been one month since I started my new diet with Lisa Parker(trainer/dietician). I have got to say I am amazed! I am amazed first at how bad I ate, and that I have actually really enjoyed doing this diet with her. How the program works, is she weighs and measures you then figures out your BMI and fat composition. Then she gives you a diet according to your goal weight based on protein, carbs and fats. Essentially you eat 6 meals/day and you balance your meals. The first two weeks were REALLY hard. I felt like I was eating soooo much, and I was sooooo tired. Now I am feeling more energized and I am really enjoying my 30 minutes of exercise(when I get it in...). I am so proud that in the last month I have already lost 8 lbs. I am so glad that I am seeing results, or it would be very hard to keep motivated.

Lastly, I finished my new headboard. I will take pictures of my entire room when the piles of clothes are put away-heehee(cuz, really it was hard enough to get my bed made for the pictures-ha). I found this King sized headboard on Kijij for 80 bucks. The thing is a monster and is solid wood. It had been painted black, so I just refinished it in white to go with our room. I feel like my room is more grown-up now that we have a headboard-haha. I was planning on building one off of Anna White's Knock Off Wood website, but I am not even sure I could make one for this cheap. The only real trouble we had with it is our bed is a Cal King, and the headboard is a King(4 inches wider). We had to move our whole room around to make it work, but I am getting more used to the new layout. *our master is teeeeeeeeeeeny and now our bed pretty much takes up the ENTIRE ROOM!*

So here is our Headboard(let's hope it gives me the motivation to make my bed-:) Speaking of bed, Goodnight!

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